March 11, 2009

Setlist by Zeke

All albums are represented. Main focus on Patton albums. All my favorite B-sides, collaborations, covers & soundtrack songs.
Their last US tour was 1997, so this is 12 years of frustration in the making.
It would need to be a long set, with many never before played-live songs. Some Svengali showed up with TWO briefcases full of money, so I believe FNM needs to earn it. The fans have.

1. Epic - The Real Thing (get it out of the way)
2. Smaller And Smaller - Angel Dust
3. The Crab Song - Introduce Yourself
4. What A Day - King For A Day...
5. Stripsearch - Album Of The Year
6. The Perfect Crime - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack
7. I Wanna Fuck Myself - Evidence single B-side UK, (GG Allin cover)
8. Underwater Love - The Real Thing
9. A Small Victory - Angel Dust
10. As The Worm Turns - We Care A Lot / Angel Dust (UK Patton vocals)
11. Take This Bottle - King For A Day...
12. Ashes To Ashes - Album Of The Year
13. Light Up And Let's Go - Last Cup Of Sorrow single B-side Japan
14. Spanish Eyes - Evidence single B-side UK, (Al Martino cover)
15. Zombie Eaters - The Real Thing
16. Caffeine - Angel Dust
17. Another Body Murdered - Judgement Night Soundtrack (Boo-Yaa Tribe collaboration, find someone to rap)
18. Digging The Grave - King For A Day...

19. Big Kahuna - Last Cup Of Sorrow single B-side Japan
20. Helpless - Album Of The Year
21. Falling To Pieces - The Real Thing
22. Jizzlobber - Angel Dust
23. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies - King For A Day...
24. Highway Star - Who Cares A Lot? disk 2 (Deep Purple cover)
25. Last Cup Of Sorrow - Album Of The Year

26. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Sparks collaboration)
27. Something For The Girl With Everything (Sparks collaboration)
28. Das Schutzenfest - Songs To Make Love To (YES in German)
29. Nestles Theme - (the song from the 90's commercial)
30. Evidence - King For A Day... (Spanish version)
31. She Loves Me Not - Album Of The Year
32. War Pigs - The Real Thing (Black Sabbath cover)


  1. big kahuna! nice choice!

  2. 17. Another Body Murdered - Judgement Night Soundtrack (Boo-Yaa Tribe collaboration, find someone to rap)

    Good call!

    Even though there’s 3-4 “best of” FNM CDs out there the last time I checked, this song isn’t on any of them, the video isn’t even on the recent “best of” FNM DVD collection.

    What makes it a great song is that they gave Patton 1 word. Here are your lyrics, Mike “War” Now go to town with it big guy. And the funny thing is he did, proving that even with just one word you can dominate a song.

    What’s funny is that even though FNM was being billed as a rap/metal band around that time, that was almost like an opera song, something I’d expect from an old Queen record. And then towards the end Patton starts freaking out and doing these cartoon screeches, a precursor to what he would later focus on with Fantômas. Really unique, cool, duet

    Bring Rahzel out for the 2009 live version of that song to do that rap part and also he and Patton could freestyle off of each other during the Fantômas crazy screeching part at the end. That would be really creative and fresh.

  3. come on no Helpless?? or The World is Yours?
    Also would love to see Mark Bowen played for old times sake....

  4. Dude, have you ever been to a concert? These are supposed to be dream setlists, not a full list of all your favourite songs. THEY CAN'T PLAY 32 SONGS!!!!