April 30, 2009

Setlist by Luis from Portugal

Hy guys

I´m from Portugal, and i´m very happy about this european FNM tour.

In my opinion you should do a concert without no rules, just total chaos and show how sick you guys can be, like you were all the times in my country!

Give us just a little touch of your greatest hits and fuck the audience with the most strange / heavy songs you had ever sing, and most important, enjoy the gig, do what tha fuck you guys wanna do.

I´m happy, i don´t care.


1. Midnight cowboy.
2. Malpractice.
3. Caffeine.
4. Cuckoo for caca.
5. Surprise you´re dead.
6. Crack Hitler.
7. We care a lot.
8. Midlife Crisis.
9. Stripsearch.
10. Ugly in the morning.
11. Jizzlober.
12. Epic.
13. RV.
14. Woodpecker from Mars.
15. Just a man.

Please visit Portugal, you guys rule!

Setlist by Michel from Chile

Hello guys,

I´m Michel ( 33 years old ) from Chile....i´m a fan since 1991 when i saw you in Festival de Viña del Mar 1991. After that i saw you again in 1995 Monster of Rock ....was a amazing show !!!!!

I would like to know if it´s possible to come back again to Chile !!!!!!

To Billy :

A fews years ago i sent you a email to kool arrows...talking about my band " Olor a la banda " ...after that i sent you my official album to your record label address....remembered ?????


my setlist :

1- Caffeine
2- Why do you bother ??
3- Falling to Pieces
4- The Gentle art of making enemies
5- Chinese arithmetic
6- R.V
7- Mouth to Mouth
8- The Crab Song
9- Jizzlobber
10- Stripsearch
11- Arabian Disco
12- Get out
13- King for a Day
15- Midlife crisis
16- Ugly in the Morning
17 - Epic
18- We care a lot
19- Woodpecker from Mars
20- As the worm turns

Best regards,

April 29, 2009

Setlist by Gunj

Last Cup of Sorrow
From Out of Nowhere
Chinese Arithmetic
Land of Sunshine
The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Smaller and Smaller
Take This Bottle
Falling To Pieces
Cuckoo For Caca
Midlife Crisis
Zombie Eaters
A Small Victory
King For a Day


We Care a Lot

Setlist by micMike

micMike thinks your setlists are a bit boring!

I've been trying to think up a different set to anything they've done before, something that might surprise fans, and something the band might actually perform.

Stage is black. Roddy walks on and starts the sample to-
THE WORLD IS YOURS [intro only]
Bordin and Gould walk on and stage lights up as they play to the intro...
Hudson walks on before count 1, 2, 3, 4...
CAFFEINE (Patton enters stage just before vocals)
LAND OF SUNSHINE (quick guitar change)
COLLISION (time for guitar change)
BE AGGRESSIVE (quick guitar change)
CUCKOO FOR CACA (time for guitar change)
KING FOR A DAY (slow improv ending...)
JUST A MAN (with backing singers and big ending - "You're buuurrrnnniiinnnggg - [then...])

Encore 1
ASHES TO ASHES (all in Dropped-D tuning - I'm thinking)

Encore 2
WHY DO YOU BOTHER (huge ending that slowly crumbles)

I really wanna see now is Faith No More perform Crack Hitler, with Mike P using this mic:

Now that would be cool. A bit of recent influences mixed in with the second coming.

April 28, 2009

Setlist by Mr. Robert J.A.

What I'd really like to see is someone convince the band members to each contribute a setlist of the songs they most like to play. Then we could compare them to one another and learn a little something about their individual tastes and preferences. So, site creators, use your influence, pull some strings and see if we can't get some setlist contributions that matter!

Until then, though, here's another from a crazed fan:

Got That Feeling
Ugly In The Morning
Smaller and Smaller
Mouth To Mouth
new original song
The Cowboy Song
Everything's Ruined
Surprise! You're Dead!
The Morning After
I Started A Joke
Mark Bowen
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Take This Bottle
new swanky cover song
As the Worm Turns

Love this extra thick and groovy live version!

Setlist by Greg A.A.

1. Midlife Crisis
2. Epic
3. Falling to Pieces
4. Malpractice
5. Midnight Cowboy
6. Introduce Yourself
7. We Care A Lot
8. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
9. Digging the Grave
10. Take this Bottle
11. Easy
12. Last Cup of Sorrow
13. Ashes to Ashes

I Started a Joke / Just A Man Medley!

April 27, 2009

Setlist by Jerry

Mr. Jerry waited for a long time for his setlist to be posted, so we apologize to Jerry and to anyone else who's setlist hasn't been uploaded yet - we got a lot of setlists and we can't put them all up together.

Still we'd be happy if you e-mailed us (fnmlive 'at' gmail.com) your setlists or any other thoughts, since the FNM reunion tour is really getting close!

Land Of Sunshine
Everything’s Ruined
As The Worm Turns
Ashes To Ashes
Crack Hitler
Mouth To Mouth
Falling To Pieces
The World Is Yours
Star A.D.
Last Cup of Sorrow
Cuckoo For Caca
Smaller and Smaller
Absolute Zero

Das Schutzenfest
King For A Day
Midlife Crisis

This video was great because the MTV crowd was expecting Epic and had no idea what they were getting here. Instead, they got some evil, inaudible, dark, death metal song. I love how Mike drops the mike at the end and just screams whatever, and of course the evil death finish seals it off. Totally not what the crowd or MTV was looking for.

Here are a few more songs that I wanted in the list:

The Morning After
The Perfect Crime
A Small Victory

Setlist by Stefan

Alright. Thought I should be a bit of a fanboy. But I want to make a realistic setlist for a festival tour. So let´s say 16 songs are the limit.

Faster Disco (Sweet)
Midlife Crisis
The Real Thing
Chinese Arithmatic
Das Schutsenfest
Take This Bottle
Last Cup of Sorrow
The Crab Song
We Care a Lot (Guess this and "Epic" will be played, I thought it was cool when they dropped the later from the setlist in late -97)
RV (This one always makes me think of the fat red cat watching TV on youtube, or Sarah Palin)
As The Worm Turns
Falling to Pieces


April 26, 2009

Setlist by Manchester Chris

all i ever wanted in life was for Faith No More to get back together, and now they have, i'm not ready for it. I can't afford to go to Download because i have to pay for some teeth that got knocked out... but i can only dream of them doing a UK tour...if they only did Manchester i would be going apeshit.

1.midnight cowboy
3.midlife crisis
4.digging the grave
5.hippie jam song
4.last cup of sorrow
5.naked in front of the computer
6.edge of the world
9.introduce yourself
10.surprise your dead
11.cuckoo for caca
11.gentle art of making enemies


13.as the worm turns
14.the crab song

Setlist by Rob

great news they're playing again, looking forward to it. Hope the visit Holland!
here's my 2 cents..

1. Pristina
2. Land of Sunshine
3. Smaller and Smaller
4. Caffeine
5. Ashes to Ashes
6. The Crab Song
7. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
8. RV
9. Digging the Grave
10. Crack Hitler
11. JizzLobber
12. This Guy's In Love With You
13. Midlife Crisis
14. Stripsearch
15. Epic
16. Cuckoo for Caca

17. Star AD
18. Jizzlobber

19. Just a Man

looking forward seeing you


April 24, 2009

Setlist by Bob

(happy birthday Mr. Gould!)

I'm planning my trip to Germany later this week! Here's what I dream of seeing/hearing at the festivals:

1. Got That Feeling
2. Stripsearch
3. Be Aggressive
4. Surprise! You're Dead!
5. Ugly In The Morning
6. A Small Victory
7. Easy
8. R n' R
9. Underwater Love
10. The Morning After
11. Crack Hitler
12. Jizzlobber
13. Helpless
14. The Crab Song
15. As The Worm Turns
16. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
17. Mouth To Mouth
18. Just A Man

19. Malpractice
20. Absolute Zero
21. I Started A Joke


Setlist by Zdravko

Hi! Great site and kudos for Billy Gould acknowledging its existence!

Here's my attempt (I tried to be as realistic and modest as I could... which included cutting tracks like Introduce Yourself or Edge of the World):

Last Cup of Sorrow
From Out of Nowhere
Chinese Arithmetic
Land of Sunshine
The Real Thing
Be Aggressive
Smaller and Smaller
Take This Bottle
Falling To Pieces
Cuckoo For Caca
Midlife Crisis
Surprise! You're Dead!
Zombie Eaters
A Small Victory
King For a Day


We Care a Lot
Just a Man

Be Aggressive from Amsterdam with the funniest Patton introduction one can imagine:

Greetings from Croatia!

April 23, 2009

Setlist by Krystal


Krystal here I just wanted to submit my fantasy set list cause I thought it would be fun. I'm thrilled FNM is back!...they've been my favorite band since I was 8 when I inherited a bunch of cassette tapes from my older brother... so definitely good times and a lot of growing up with this stuff. Honestly, I never thought they'd get back together and if I had a choice for a set list right now this would be it (if this were played live it would be a really heavy set but whatever, if they're going to do a reunion tour they could do a few more then normal until the next album.) Hint, hint- wink, wink ha ha ha well, we'll see what they do.

6. STAR A.D.
18. EASY



It seems to be protocol so I'm sending a link for my favorite FNM video...it's not live but I still like it. Go psycho killer Mike!...the slow-mo effect is kinda pimp if you ask me.

Setlist by Josh from Australia

hey guys,
i think this awesome what you've set up, so i'm going to contribute. have been a fan since epic (was in 8th grade) and will be a lifetime supporter of the band and the members various projects.

ok, i'm going for a fairly intense show here...no radio hits...

tour name suggestion: Everything's Caca World Tour

the morning after

crack hitler
what a day
i won't forget you
ugly in the morning

big kahuna

get out
got that feeling
the gentle art of making enemies
naked in front of the computer

zombie eaters

cuckoo for caca
edge of the world

*second encore

thanks for your time..

April 22, 2009

Setlist by Mike (not P)

I'm a 31 year old fan who's liked them since the 7th grade when all The Real Thing hooplah was happening. Angel Dust topped it in my opinion.

I only got to see them once in 1997 at a festival called Locobazooka. I was also late and am pissed at myself for trying to skip the opening crappy bands and missing part of the whole reason I bought a damn ticket.

Anyway, here's what would put me in a state of aural euphoria:

1. Absolute Zero
(I mean, come on...aside from it being one of their best songs, isn't the line "Can we begin at the end to save some time?" so freakin appropriate for this new beginning?)

2. New Beginnings
(...speaking of)

3. Stripsearch
(Their other best song of all time.)

4. What A Day
5. Ashes to Ashes
6. Everything's Ruined
(They should throw a Puffy drum solo in this song purely for how funny and out of character it would be. Maybe extend the fill right before "And he spent himself")

7. Chinese Arithmetic
8. The Real Thing
(but only if Patton uses that awesome delay pedal effect that I heard him do in this song so many times)

9. Last Cup of Sorrow
10. King For A Day
12. RnR
13. Caffeine
(This song doesn't work when Roddy's keys aren't up in the mix. I think they could have been louder on the album. So crank the keyboard!!)

14. Mouth to Mouth
15. The Jungle
16. Land of Sunshine
(I think they should do something even more different with the guitar solo than they did during their last tour.)

18. As the Worm Turns


19. Paths of Glory
(I always thought this would be a killer opener for the AOTY tour.)

20. The Perfect Crime
21. From Out of Nowhere

So yeah, I left out "We Care A Lot", "Epic", "Easy", and "Be Aggressive" on purpose. They played those songs so many times before and I think leaving them out would put a stamp on a new kind of Faith No More.

If they can do a great new cover to replace one or two of their own, that'd be cool too.

Setlist by Bart from Poland

We Care A Lot
From Out Of Nowhere
Zombie Eaters
Edge Of The World
Land Of Sunshine
MidLife Crisis
Crack Hitler
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Digging The Grave
King For A Day
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Ashes To Ashes
As The Worm Turns
I Started A Joke

Some various FNM suggestions by Mike B.

First off, thanks for creating this page. I like how the FNM revival
seems to be a synergy between the band and the fans with the label
left completely out of the loop.

In terms of a set list wish list, I’m not really comfortable
submitting that. Faith No More are professional musicians, not a
jukebox. They’ve been doing this for a while…longer than some of us
have been alive, and I trust their judgment. It will be interesting to
see if they have any different takes or remixes on some of the
classics or if they will stick to the traditional interpretations of
those songs.

I did want to submit two pieces of feedback your way –

1) LOVED the fancy suit era of Faith No More towards the end of their
career. You never see that on VH1, it’s always long-hair early Mike
Patton era FNM. I loved those shows where they would all come out in
matching suits, and then by the end of the show Mike Patton’s outfit
was a mess. Check out those final moments of “just a man” at the
Phoenix festival, Patton is almost channeling Elvis and there’s that
synergy between him and Puffy. That’s a very holy and sacred bond, the
synergy between a lead singer and his drummer. Not everyone can pull
it off but when people do it can be a very beautiful experience.

My request : Please bring back the fancy suit era of Faith No More

2) I’m assuming that the “No US shows for now” approach is just a
calculating marketing move on Patton’s part to see how many more
suitcases of money will be thrown at the band to do a real US tour.
Cunning, that Faith No More. I’m a capitalist and it’s a free country
so I can completely get behind that. I was thinking that if a real US
tour does materialize down the line, who would I like to see on tour
with them? So far I’m thinking

BOO YAA Tribe – They still do music and that would make for a great
live version of Another Body Murdered. You know there’s like 3-4 best
of FNM CD compilations out there and that song isn’t on any of them,
the video isn’t even on the FNM best of DVD. Labels, man, what do they

Sade – Personally, I would love this but I fear that some of the more
bonehead members of the audience would not get it and be
disrespectful, so I’m going to keep that as a personal wish list.

Guns and Roses or RHCP – not on actual tour, lord no, but maybe
sharing the stage at a large festival show. Peace and love is nice and
all, but sometimes it’s resentment that really brings out your best
work as an artist. The sadist in me would really love to see something
like that.

Thanks for indulging me man-

Go secret San Francisco warm up show in April!

April 21, 2009

Setlist by PlanetRose

1. Land of Sunshine
2. Crack Hitler
3. Jizzlobber
4. Midlife Crisis
5. Evidence
6. Easy
7. As The Worm Turns
8. Ugly in the Morning
9. Chinese Arithmetic
10. Death March
11. Just a Man
12: From Out Of Nowhere
13. The Real Thing
14. Digging The Grave (or Gentle Art)
15. King For A Day
16. Epic
17. Introduce Yourself
18. A Small Victory

19. Campy cover new to this tour
20. Caffeine
21. We Care A Lot

Setlist by Rado

(Thanks to FNM 2.0 for linking to our blog :))


It’s great idea to start this kind of blog. It’s needless to say that this reunion of my favorite made me happy and excited.

I have never ever been to FNM gig in my life though I’ve been on some Patton’s freaking-braintwist shows and I even have spoken couple of times with Billy Gould but obviously it’s not the same :-D Well, I have to admit, I become a fan few years after their break up, somewhere around 2000-2001, though I’m not so young at present age of 27. And this year I want to see them at least twice. I hope FNM will visit Bulgaria but if they’re not going to come it’ll be time for travelling around Europe for me.

So this is my set list for a gig of 2+ hrs – I know it’s kinda not gonna happen, but is it too bad to dream about it? This is the short version. It will be seven-eleven if this guys are out of their minds to fulfil whole my wishlist of more than 50 songs, haha.

1.Land of Sunshine

2.From Out Of Nowhere

3.Last Cup Of Sorrow

4.Midlife Crisis

5.Ashes to Ashes

6.Paths of Glory


8.Digging the Grave

9.As The Worm Turns

10.Crab Song

11.We Care A Lot

12.King For A Day

13.Surprise! You’re Dead

14.Cuckoo for Caca

15.Caralho Voador


17.I Won’t Forget You

18.The Real Thing


1st Encore

20.Midnight Cowboy


22.The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

2nd Encore

23.Mouth to Mouth

24.I Started A Joke


Don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes :-D

April 20, 2009

Setlist by Leandro


Never think this happen...
Im a fan (and a bootleg trader since 1996) for years and this reuinion is amaizing!
Any chance to do a South American leg?

Meanwhile I keep myself entertained dreaming with this possible setlist:

1. Intro (maybe Midnight Cowboy)
2. A Small Victory
3. Last Cup of Sorrow
4. Ashes To Ashes
5. Introuce Yourself
6. We Care a Lot
7. Epic
8. Falling To Pieces
9. Easy
10. Evidence
11. Surprise! You're Dead!
12. As The Worm Turns
13. Digging The Grave
14. Midlife Crisis
15. RV
16. Land of Sunshine
17. From Out Of Nowhere
18. Caffeine
19. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
20. King For A Day
21. Be Aggressive
22. What A Day
23. Just A Man

FNM Live Argentina 1995:

Setlist by Rick

Remember to check out our grand 50 setlists summary post!

Been a fan of FNM since around 1990, and have managed to see them about six times. Very excited about the prospect of FNM touring Australia again. Here is my fantasy set list....

Gentle Art of Making Enemies
As The Worm Turns
Surprise You're Dead!
Introduce Yourself
Chinese Arithmetic
The Real Thing
The Crab Song
The Cowboy Song
Cuckoo for Caca
Naked in Front of the Computer
Paths of Glory
King for a Day

Woodpecker From Mars
Zombie Eaters
War Pigs


April 19, 2009

Setlist by Dan

I really hope that Bill and gang do look at these lists to learn what their devoted fans want to see! I think most of us have concert videos and CDs (not to mention the hours spent on youtube) and are pretty familiar with the live treatments of the biggest singles. With that in mind I have concocted a set list of songs I really love but have never seen or heard them do live, peppered with a few that are more common, but simply destroy! Here's hoping some of them register on the top 21 list that's forthcoming...

1. A Small Victory
2. Crack Hitler
3. As the Worm Turns
4. R n' R
5. Surprise! You're Dead!
6. The Morning After
7. Malpractice
8. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
9. Helpless
10.Mouth To Mouth
11.Edge of the World

Everything's Ruined
Ugly In The Morning

encore 2:
Just A Man

Thanks for starting this website- it is a joy!

Setlist by Rob

This is a fantastic idea! I'd love to contribute.

I'm in my mid-thirties now, and saw FNM on every Aussie tour (twice on Angel Dust and KFAD tours).
To my mind they'll always be the most innovative, challenging, and above all, entertaining band out there.
I can't believe this is finally happening. Stoked.
Below is probably the most realistic set list you'll get from me. A lot of the ones I've read so far are just too obscure. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of b-sides I'd love to hear, but the show can't go on forever! I've given this a lot of thought, so here goes:

1. Ugly in the Morning
2. Surprise! You're Dead!
3. Caffeine
(Band takes a breather, MikeP makes light of a catastrophe that is currently in the news headlines and offends/confuses half the audience.)
4. Stripsearch
5. Jizzlobber
6. Mark Bowen
7. Ricochet
8. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
9. Evidence
(Another break, followed by a short acoustic set:)
10. Just A Man
11. Medley: Edge of the World/RV/Take This Bottle
12. Caralho Voador
13. Midnight Cowboy (or a Burt Bacharach cover song- perhaps something from 'Painted From Memory'?)
(End of acoustic set, another break- Roddy changes hats and Billy changes basses)
14. Land Of Sunshine
15. Digging The Grave
16. Malpractice (extended, band improvises a bit)
Encore #1
17. The Crab Song
18. What A Day
Encore #2
19. Epic

Should run about 2hrs. It's long, but we've waited a long time for this. I know, there's no 'We Care A Lot'. I'm sick of it to be honest, and the band never play it with conviction. It's like how Anthrax always used to do 'I'm The Man' half-heartedly. Give it a rest. If it were a duet between Mike and Chuck that'd be worth seeing.

I'd like to add that this is the perfect time for the band to re-release/remaster their catalogue (*please*). The Real thing CD sounds like utter shite and is way overdue for a remaster (even a remix would be great). I know it's a leap, but how about releasing them on SACD? Put out You Fat Bastards with the *whole show* (unedited with no studio tracks tacked on the end). Each album could have a bonus disc of b-sides, live tracks and obscurities from the relevant era. Speaking as a fan who already owns everything, that is something I'd invest in.

Here's the video clip I chose- it's The Crab Song at Brixton with Mike singing (a track they cut from the You Fat Bastards video).

A suggestion by Bryce


Thanks for setting up this blog, I hope you stick with it through the entire FNM reunion... I'm 33 and saw Faith No More perform live throughout the 90s up in San Francisco. I really hope they play a tuneup gig here before embarking on their EU tour, as it's their home town and would easily sell out any number of venues. I doubt they will play a broader US tour, but expect they will perform Australia, New Zealand, parts of South America, and anywhere else they were appreciated.

I don't really have a specific fantasy setlist because I'd be happy to see them perform anything, really... I would like to see a lot of variance in their sets, so that every one is different, but I know that can be a lot of work. I do hope they add a new cover tune to their arsenal, and ultimately release a live album or DVD.

One idea that's become somewhat trendy is for artists to perform one of their classic albums in it's entirety. Like, I saw Primus do this with Frizzle Fry in 2004, Roger Waters and Dark Side Of The Moon in 2006, and even Fantomas did this for the NYE '09 SF show playing Director's Cut. FNM could brand their reunion include a complete performance of Angel Dust. Of course it makes a bit more sense if they headlined their own tour, where they could do one set of other songs, one set of Angel Dust, then encores; rather than try to squeeze it into an abbreviated festival set. This tactic might also work better in the US where KFADFFAL and Album of the Year went largely unnoticed, and less progressive fans who hear of the tour (from reading Rolling Stone) might need some help realizing FNM's place in music history. American's have largely uninspired musical tastes, and probably deserve not getting any FNM reunion dates.

San Jose, California, USA

Setlist by Marie

I've been a fan since 1990 but never had a chance to see Faith No More live ;( but I've been luckly enough to see Mike Patton perform 13 times so far and in a couple of days it'll be 14 when I see him perform with Zu in San Francisco on March 19th.

Since so far only a couple of festival dates have been announced I'd like to see them do something a little different. Each festival do one album from start to finish plus all rare/unreleased songs and covers they did when they did the orignal tour for that album. For example the first show would be The Real Thing and they could do covers of "Sweet Dreams" (nestles chocolate commercial), "9-1-1 Is A Joke" (Public Enemy) and "The Right Stuff" (New Kids On The Block). So the setlist would look a little like this:

From Out Of Nowhere
"The Right Stuff" (New Kids On The Block).
Falling To Pieces
Surpirse! You're Dead!
"9-1-1 Is A Joke" (Public Enemy)
Zombie Eaters
The Real Thing
"The Cowboy Song",
Underwater Love
The Morning After
"The Grade"
Woodpecker From Mars
War Pigs
"The Perfect Crime
"Sweet Dreams" (nestles chocolate commercial)
Edge Of The World

Then the next show would be everything Angel Dust related and so on.......you guys get the picture. Hopefuly all these festivals get shown on tv and our european traders record it ;) If so please be sure to email me for a trade: http://db.etree.org/NINFNM

April 13, 2009

Summary from the first 50 setlists!

We've posted 50 set-lists so far, and we'd like to thank all of the contributors and ask those whose haven't been posted yet to be patient - we assure you that all set-lists sent to us will be up eventually!

Here's a tally of the songs only from those posted so far. If you've submitted a list and it has not yet been posted, then it is not included in this tally. Following the list are some insights from our analysts (i.e. : us)

  1. Epic - 40 votes
  2. Stripsearch - 33
  3. Midlife Crisis - 30
  4. Caffeine - 28
  5. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies - 28
  6. Be Aggressive - 28
  7. As The Worm Turns - 26
  8. A Small Victory - 26
  9. Ashes To Ashes - 26
  10. We Care A Lot - 26
  11. Ricochet - 25
  12. From Out of Nowhere - 25
  13. Land Of Sunshine - 24
  14. Just A Man - 24
  15. King For A Day - 24
  16. Evidence - 24 (+ 2 for Evidence in Spanish)
  17. The Real Thing - 24
  18. Everything's Ruined - 23
  19. Last Cup of Sorrow - 22
  20. Jizzlobber - 21
  21. Digging the Grave - 21
  22. Surprise! You're Dead! - 20
  23. Zombie Eaters - 18
  24. Falling to Pieces - 17
  25. The Crab Song - 17
  26. Malpractice - 16
  27. Edge of the World - 15
  28. Smaller & Smaller - 15
  29. Introduce Yourself - 14
  30. Easy - 14
  31. Collision - 13
  32. Underwater Love - 12
  33. What a Day - 12
  34. Midnight Cowboy - 12
  35. Cuckoo For Caca - 11
  36. Mouth to Mouth - 11
  37. Helpless - 11
  38. Crack Hitler - 10
  39. Mark Bowen - 10
  40. Take this Bottle -10
  41. Chinese Arithmetic - 10
  42. Anne's Song - 10
  43. Got That Feeling - 10
  44. Why do you Bother - 9
  45. Get Out - 9
  46. Ugly in the Morning - 9
  47. RV - 9
  48. The Cowboy Song - 8
  49. I Started a Joke - 8
  50. Kindergarten - 8
  51. The World is Yours - 7
  52. The Last to Know - 7
  53. Faster Disco - 7
  54. New Cover Song - 6
  55. She Loves me Not - 6
  56. The Perfect Crime - 6
  57. Woodpecker from Mars - 6
  58. Star A.D. - 6
  59. Absolute Zero - 5
  60. Rn'R - 5
  61. New Song - 5
  62. The Morning After - 5
  63. I Won't Forget You - 5
  64. Greenfields - 4
  65. Das Schutzenfest - 4
  66. I Wanna Fuck Myself - 4
  67. Let's Lynch the Landlord - 4 (1 w/ 16 Tons)
  68. Another Body Murdered - 4
  69. The Jungle - 4
  70. Naked in Front of the Computer - 4
  71. Pristina - 4
  72. War Pigs - 3
  73. Arabian Disco - 3
  74. Hippie Jam Song - 3
  75. Paths of Glory - 2
  76. The Big Kahuna - 2
  77. Caralho Voador - 2
  78. Death March - 2
  79. Nestle's Theme - 2
  80. This Guy's in Love with You - 2
  81. Light Up And Let Go - 2
  82. This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us - 1
  83. Glory Box (Portishead cover) - 1
  84. Back for Good (Take That cover) - 1
  85. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) - 1
  86. Goodbye Goodbye (Oingo Boingo cover) - 1
  87. Greed - 1
  88. Highway Star - 1
  89. Home Sick Home - 1
  90. New Beginnings - 1
  91. Something for the Girl with Everything - 1
  92. Spanish Eyes - 1

First of all it's surprising to see just how many songs or on this list - Mr Gould wrote on his Twitter that the band is sifting through a list of over 50. This list compiled by the fans has well over 50, almost reaching 100.

While it is not a surprise that Epic is #1 (even with 10 people leaving it off), since it's kind of obvious they'll play it and lots of people still love it, we thought that it was quite interesting that Stripsearch made it to #2. It's safe to say Stripsearch is a definite fan favorite. It was great to see songs that were never released as singles score highly such as Be Aggressive, As the Worm Turns and Jizzlobber.

The World Is Yours, which was played live but never released until the first greatest hits compilation, and I Wont Forget You, which was released post-breakup, tallied 7 and 5 votes respectively. A number of b-sides that were hardly, if at all, played live scored well. We believe this indicates that while most fans want to hear the classics, they also crave for some songs FNM never played live. This also might explain the 15 votes Malpractice got. Surely some fans are eager to compare the FNM performance of the song with the Dillinger Escape Plan live version they did with Patton.

This is the tally so far. After just tweaking it with four additional lists from the original draft, some songs really jumped ahead so who knows what the next tally will bring?

April 12, 2009

Setlist by Gregg Turkington

By Gregg Turkington, Fan, Age 4.

(Believe it or not, Gregg isn't really 4 and actually saw Faith No More for the first time in 1984 when Mark Bowen was on guitar and Courtney Love was on vocals)

1. Land Of Sunshine
2. We Care A Lot
3. Underwater Love
4. As The Worm Turns
5. From Out Of Nowhere
6. Midlife Crisis
7. Epic
8. The Perfect Crime
9. Stripsearch
10. Zombie Eaters
11. Caffeine
12. The Cowboy Song
13. A Small Victory
14. The Real Thing
15. King For A Day


16. Falling To Pieces
17. The World Is Yours
18. Just A Man
19. Be Aggressive

Setlist by Andrew Bowie

Thanks for this blog, it's pure awesome.

I run the Faith No More Gig Database
(http://anaussiemusicfan.com/fnm/) so FNM setlists are my passion.
What the band plays this time around is almost as interesting to me as
actually getting to watch them.

I've been a fan since 1995 when I saw the band twice, and twice again in 1997.

I found this impossibly difficult. My ultimate setlist would be hours
long. I'd be happy if they came out and played a whole album right
through, or a setlist of bad covers. But I have to be serious. I've
focused on my favourite songs and a few vague hopes of rarities.

I'm mostly hoping for Star A.D., Smaller and Smaller, a new cover, and
Another Body Murdered (Patton could easily do the rapping, but
unfortunately can't Woah and Scream at the same time, although I'm
sure him and a keyboard could give it a red-hot go)...

Mouth To Mouth
Surprise! You're Dead
As The Worm Turns
Edge Of The World
The Morning After
Gentle Art
The Cowboy Song
Star A.D.
Chinese Arithmetic
Smaller And Smaller
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Everything's Ruined
King For A Day

Encore 1:
Anne's Song (Chuck on vocals!)
Mark Bowen (Chuck on vocals!)
New song
New cover

Encore 2:
Another Body Murdered
Absolute Zero
Light Up And Let Go
War Pigs (because it would be funny)

April 11, 2009

Setlist by Andrew C

hey.. when a friend told me that Faith No More had got back together the news came "from out of nowhere" (bad pun I know, had to be done)

here's my thoughts on a setlist

Be Aggressive
As The Worm Turns
Smaller and Smaller
Digging the Grave
Got That Feeling
Mark Bowen


The Crab Song
King For a Day
Surprise! Your Dead!

I started an online petition for a World Tour (cant afford to go to the UK as I live in Australia)
with a Facebook group

Setlist by Alex G

I've been an FNM freak ever since my mind was blown by the flopping fish at age 13. Because I had a rather strict upbringing, I wasn't able to go out and experience the band live until after I left for college. The Album of the Year tour was my first and only Faith No More show. Needless to say, I've had a lot of time to dream up the perfect setlist since then. I actually left out a few tracks that I collected in the early Napster days because the tagging was all jacked up. I couldn't tell if a few were FNM or Bungle (Vision of Love/Lights, anyone?). I can't wait to see them again...IN THE U.S. (PLEASE, DAMMIT).

Midnight Cowboy
From Out of Nowhere
Everything's Ruined
A Small Victory
Star A.D.
Digging the Grave
Surprise! You're Dead!
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Glory Box
Mouth to Mouth
Be Aggressive
Another Body Murdered
The Real Thing

Woodpecker from Mars
I Started a Joke

2nd Encore:
As the Worm Turns
Just a Man

April 7, 2009

Setlist by Bruno

Bruno Eduardo (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)
I am fan of FNM since the Rock in Rio 2, where I was only 12 years old, and was in the Maracanã with my father. After that show "amazing," I became a faithful follower of this band.
The Faith No More is a milestone in my life. They are the "Beatles" of my generation.
My favorite disc is the King For a Day, Fool for a Lifetime. I hope they will play in Brazil.
1-The Last To Know
2-From Out Of Nowhere
3-Midlife Crisis
4-The Real Thing
5-Undewater Love
6-Land Of Sunshine
8-We Care a Lot
9-Everything's Ruined
11-The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
13-A Small Victory
14-Ashes To Ashes
15-Just A Man

--------Encore 1--------

16-King For a Day
17-Get Out
18-Last Cup Of Sorrow

--------Encore 2--------

20-Faster Disco

------Encore 3---------

22-As the Worm Turns

Setlist by Rohit from India

Hi FNM !

I am coming all the way from India, primarily for 3 bands - Slipknot, Prodigy and Faith No More !

I cried tears of joy seeing the band I was so attached to re-grouping, and I just had to fly down for Download 2009!

This would be my dream setlist :

1. Midlife Crisis
2. Smaller and smaller
3. Easy
4. The Cowboy song
5. Be Aggressive
6. Malpractice
7. Last Cup Of Sorrow
8. Evidence
9. Crack Hitler
10. Epic
11. Zombie Eaters
12. The Real Thing
13. Kindergarten
14. Everything's Ruined
15. As The Worm Turns
16. Stripsearch (A MUST PLS)
17. A Small Victory
18. Ashes to Ashes
19. Caffeine

I think I have got most of angeldust here, i remember when the album came out, i wore out the tape on repeat playing !

Cheers !

April 4, 2009

Setlist by Megens

1. Smaller and smaller
2. Underwater love
3. The Cowboy song
4. She loves me not
5. Malpractice
6. Cuckoo For Caca
7. Edge Of The World
8. Crack Hitler
9. epic
10. Zombie Eaters
11. The Real Thing
12. I started a joke
13. Anne's Song
14. Everything's Ruined
15. Ugly In The Morning
16. I Wanna Fuck Myself
17. As The Worm Turns
18. Helpless
19. Let's Lynch The Landlord
20. Das Schutzenfest
21. Stripsearch
22. A Small Victory
24. Greenfields

Setlist by Dave

I had the pleasure of seeing FNM at The Big Day Out in Perth Western Australia in 1997. It was the best experience of my life to date. I am so overjoyed FNM are reuniting and I just hope they visit us all again at some point in the future. Here is hoping for some new material, but one exciting step at a time. After all these years my dream set list would go something like this:

1) Collision
2) A Small Victory
3) The Cowboy Song
4) Hippy Jam Song
5) Helpless
6) Everythings Ruined
7) Kindergarten
8) King for a Day
9) The Last to Know
10) What a Day
11) The Morning After
12) The Real Thing
13) Last Cup Of Sorrow
14) I Wont Forget You

April 3, 2009

Setlist by...Just Joe

1. From Out of Nowhere (cuz they really did come from out of nowhere)
2. What a day
3. The Real Thing
4. Faster Disco
5. Ricochet
6. Anne's song
7. Ashes to Ashes
8. Land of Sunshine
9. Eerything's Ruined
10. Crab Song
11. Falling to Pieces
12. Underwater Love
13. The Jungle.
14. Be Aggressive

First Encore:

15. Woodpeckers from Mars (fade it into the next song)
16. The Cowboy Song
17. Helpless
18. Last to know
19. Pristina

Second Encore:

20. Midnight Cowboy
21. King for a Day
22. Perfect Crime
23. What a day
24. Just a Man
25. Zombie Eaters

Final Encore:

26. As the Worm turns
27. Epic

Setlist by Wlad

Wlad Cruz - Brazil

a greatest hits-comeback set list
perfect for Brazil fans

1 - Get Out
2 - Ricochet
3 - A Small Victory
4 - Last Cup Of Sorrow
5 - Evidence
6 - Falling To Pieces
7 - Midlife Crisis
8 - Be Agressive
9 - Collision
10 - Digging The Grave
11 - We Care A Lot
12 - Epic


13 - From Out Of Nowhere

April 2, 2009

Setlist by Jason

Hi, here is my fantasy setlist for Faith No More. I saw them three
times ('93, '95 and '97) in Portland, OR. I live in Korea at the
moment, though...And no, I'm not holding out any hope for them to come

(Intro music - The Boys Are Back In Town - tongues planted firmly in
cheek of course)
1. Introduce Yourself (afterall, it's been awhile...some people may
have forgotten!)
2. From Out of Nowhere
3. Ricochet
4. Zombie Eaters
5. Last Cup of Sorrow
6. (insert random cover snippet here, whoever is flavor of the week in pop)
7. The Real Thing
8. RV
9. Chinese Arithmetic
10. As the Worm Turns
11. Stripsearch
12. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
13. A Small Victory
14. Evidence
15. Ashes to Ashes
16. Be Aggressive
17. Caffeine
18. Epic
19. Crack Hitler
20. Easy
21. Why Do You Bother?
22. War Pigs (for old time's sake)

Setlist by Dan

Hard. Heavy. Tight. No filler allowed... just roll back those years to deliver a set of intense musical genius.

Here we go:

Intro music for a bit of theatre: Woodpecker from Mars

1) Caffeine
2) What a Day
3) Ricochet
4) A Small Victory
5) Midlife Crisis
6) Last Cup of Sorrow
7) Land of Sunshine
8) We Care a Lot
9) Everything's Ruined
10) Naked in Front of the Computer
11) Get Out
12) Stripsearch
13) Jizzlobber

Encore (only if deserved)

14) As the Worm Turns
15) Malpractice
16) Epic

Back on track

Sorry for the lapse in posts, but your blogmasters have been in Stockholm, London, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas between them over the past week, so it was hard to squeeze in the posts. We now resume our regular programming...