April 12, 2009

Setlist by Andrew Bowie

Thanks for this blog, it's pure awesome.

I run the Faith No More Gig Database
(http://anaussiemusicfan.com/fnm/) so FNM setlists are my passion.
What the band plays this time around is almost as interesting to me as
actually getting to watch them.

I've been a fan since 1995 when I saw the band twice, and twice again in 1997.

I found this impossibly difficult. My ultimate setlist would be hours
long. I'd be happy if they came out and played a whole album right
through, or a setlist of bad covers. But I have to be serious. I've
focused on my favourite songs and a few vague hopes of rarities.

I'm mostly hoping for Star A.D., Smaller and Smaller, a new cover, and
Another Body Murdered (Patton could easily do the rapping, but
unfortunately can't Woah and Scream at the same time, although I'm
sure him and a keyboard could give it a red-hot go)...

Mouth To Mouth
Surprise! You're Dead
As The Worm Turns
Edge Of The World
The Morning After
Gentle Art
The Cowboy Song
Star A.D.
Chinese Arithmetic
Smaller And Smaller
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Everything's Ruined
King For A Day

Encore 1:
Anne's Song (Chuck on vocals!)
Mark Bowen (Chuck on vocals!)
New song
New cover

Encore 2:
Another Body Murdered
Absolute Zero
Light Up And Let Go
War Pigs (because it would be funny)

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