April 7, 2009

Setlist by Bruno

Bruno Eduardo (Brazil, Rio de Janeiro)
I am fan of FNM since the Rock in Rio 2, where I was only 12 years old, and was in the MaracanĂ£ with my father. After that show "amazing," I became a faithful follower of this band.
The Faith No More is a milestone in my life. They are the "Beatles" of my generation.
My favorite disc is the King For a Day, Fool for a Lifetime. I hope they will play in Brazil.
1-The Last To Know
2-From Out Of Nowhere
3-Midlife Crisis
4-The Real Thing
5-Undewater Love
6-Land Of Sunshine
8-We Care a Lot
9-Everything's Ruined
11-The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
13-A Small Victory
14-Ashes To Ashes
15-Just A Man

--------Encore 1--------

16-King For a Day
17-Get Out
18-Last Cup Of Sorrow

--------Encore 2--------

20-Faster Disco

------Encore 3---------

22-As the Worm Turns

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