April 21, 2009

Setlist by Rado

(Thanks to FNM 2.0 for linking to our blog :))


It’s great idea to start this kind of blog. It’s needless to say that this reunion of my favorite made me happy and excited.

I have never ever been to FNM gig in my life though I’ve been on some Patton’s freaking-braintwist shows and I even have spoken couple of times with Billy Gould but obviously it’s not the same :-D Well, I have to admit, I become a fan few years after their break up, somewhere around 2000-2001, though I’m not so young at present age of 27. And this year I want to see them at least twice. I hope FNM will visit Bulgaria but if they’re not going to come it’ll be time for travelling around Europe for me.

So this is my set list for a gig of 2+ hrs – I know it’s kinda not gonna happen, but is it too bad to dream about it? This is the short version. It will be seven-eleven if this guys are out of their minds to fulfil whole my wishlist of more than 50 songs, haha.

1.Land of Sunshine

2.From Out Of Nowhere

3.Last Cup Of Sorrow

4.Midlife Crisis

5.Ashes to Ashes

6.Paths of Glory


8.Digging the Grave

9.As The Worm Turns

10.Crab Song

11.We Care A Lot

12.King For A Day

13.Surprise! You’re Dead

14.Cuckoo for Caca

15.Caralho Voador


17.I Won’t Forget You

18.The Real Thing


1st Encore

20.Midnight Cowboy


22.The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

2nd Encore

23.Mouth to Mouth

24.I Started A Joke


Don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes :-D

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