April 11, 2009

Setlist by Andrew C

hey.. when a friend told me that Faith No More had got back together the news came "from out of nowhere" (bad pun I know, had to be done)

here's my thoughts on a setlist

Be Aggressive
As The Worm Turns
Smaller and Smaller
Digging the Grave
Got That Feeling
Mark Bowen


The Crab Song
King For a Day
Surprise! Your Dead!

I started an online petition for a World Tour (cant afford to go to the UK as I live in Australia)
with a Facebook group

1 comment:

  1. As today is my BDay, and FNM is my favorite band, here is my setlist:

    1. Digging The Grave
    2. Land of Sunshine
    3. King for a Day
    4. Evidence
    5. The Real Thing
    6. We Care A lot
    7. Mark Bowen
    8. Caffeine
    9. RV
    10. Zombie Eaters
    11. Epic

    Encore 1:
    1. Just A Man
    2. Everything's Ruined
    3. Edge of the World
    4. Easy

    Encore 2:
    1. I started a Joke
    2. Midlife Crisis