April 4, 2009

Setlist by Dave

I had the pleasure of seeing FNM at The Big Day Out in Perth Western Australia in 1997. It was the best experience of my life to date. I am so overjoyed FNM are reuniting and I just hope they visit us all again at some point in the future. Here is hoping for some new material, but one exciting step at a time. After all these years my dream set list would go something like this:

1) Collision
2) A Small Victory
3) The Cowboy Song
4) Hippy Jam Song
5) Helpless
6) Everythings Ruined
7) Kindergarten
8) King for a Day
9) The Last to Know
10) What a Day
11) The Morning After
12) The Real Thing
13) Last Cup Of Sorrow
14) I Wont Forget You

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