March 28, 2009

Setlist by Jorgen

So, I got to know Faith no more because I always used to tape this radioshow with live music on dutch radio (called Leidsekade Live). It was 1997, and I remember exactly what the guy on the radio said before and after the show, because I listened to that tape everyday. Unfortunately, I was only 14 then, and not allowed to go to gigs yet. And as we all know, the next year they split up. You can imagine my surprise and absolute elation at the reunion. So my dream setlist is the setlist of the show on the tape, the 30th of april, 1997 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. By the way, you can find the FM broadcast of this show as a bootleg (and I suggest you do, it's good!).
We care a lot
The gentle art of making enemies ("Ok team, ten fortyseven... ready set hike!")
Last cup of sorrow
Caffeine (the extended version, you know with the bassline) Mike introduced this "Old song. Eight point five procent alcohol."
That was it, just over 30 minutes of bliss. However, only 30 minutes of my favourite band ever is not enough so here's some more songs I'd love to hear.
Ashes to ashes
Zombie eaters
The world is yours
Smaller and smaller
Everything's ruined
The crab song
A small victory
Edge of the world
I won't forget you

March 27, 2009

Setlist by Hugo

My name is Hugo, from Holland. Been a FNM-follower since '91, I was 12 back then. Due to different circumstances I never got to see them live.
So far no Holland/Belgium dates, but if neccesary I will travel to Germany to see them live finally.
My setlists contains a mix from the most common stuff and some of my personal favorites.

2009 Faith Some More Tour
As the Worm Turns
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmetic
Land of Sunshine
Introduce Yourself
Mouth to Mouth
Mark Bowen !!!! (played in the up-tempo version back on the Angel Dust tour)
I Started a Joke
King For a Day
Ashes to Ashes
New Beginnings
Be Aggressive

We Care a Lot
Just a Man

March 26, 2009

Setlist by Juan

Hi there my name is Juan Díaz Ortega, I'm from Chile with 24 years old and a FNM fan since 1995. I'm a bass player and my great inspiration to take that instrument was Billy Gould, when I listened for the first time We Care A Lot or R'n'R i was in shock with his raw and aggressive sound!!This is my choise, based on classic FNM setlist and my favorite songs of all albums, I left out the b-sides but I think here are greats songs to. There are 30 song, I know that FNM play only 20 songs live aprox, but I'm free to dream =D

Intro: Also Sprach Zarathustra" (Strauss) + "Caesar's Palace" showstyle entrance

1. Ricochet
2. Be Aggressive
3. Midlife Crisis
4. Kindergarten
5. Falling to Pieces
6. Anne's Song
7. Land Of Sunshine
8. The Real Thing
9. Evidence
10. Introduce Yourself
11. Ashes To Ashes
12. R'n'R
13. Ugly in the Morning
14. Last Cup Of Sorrow
15. Caffeine
16. King For A Day
17. Pristina
18. Epic
19. The Morning After
20. Chinese Arithmetic
21. A Small Victory
22. Collision
23. The Last to Know
24. Just A Man

Encore 1

25. Stripsearch
26. Paths Of Glory

Encore 2

27. From Out of Nowhere
28. Why Do You Bother? (Chuck Mosley on vocals)
29. The Crab Song (Chuck Mosley on vocals)

30. We Care A Lot (Patton & Chuck Mosleyon vocals)

PD1: Visit and join to the "Billy Gould appreciation society" created by a friend and I, the only group in honour of Billy Gould in Facebook:

PD2: An special of the 50 years of the "International Fest of Viña del Mar" this years, remembering the visit of Faith No More to Chile in 1991

Setlist by Mark

1. Woodpeckers From Mars
2. Be Aggressive
3. Introduce Yourself
4. Land Of Sunshine
5. Collision
6. Digging The Grave
7. Richochet
8. Evidence
9. Last Cup Of Sorrow
10. Easy
11. The Crab Song
12. Everythings Ruined
13. Stripsearch
14. She Loves Me Not
15. Ashes To Ashes
16. A Small Victory
17. Crack Hitler
18. Jizzlobber 19. Zombie Eaters
20. Faster Disco or The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
21. Surprise! You're Dead!
22. Midlife Crisis
23. We Care A Lot
24. Epic

Why? A lot of obvious choices there, and whilst I would LOVE "As The Worm Turns", or "Chinese Arithmetic" or "Another Body Murdered" or "What A Day", but I'm thinking more of what would sound fantastic and please everyone - even those people who only know the albums.

March 25, 2009

Setlist by Alexis

Hi!, I'm Alexis Machuca from Chile, I'm sending you a extensive playlist reviewing all FNM's albums, these songs are my personal favourite ones ;)


1.- Midnight Cowboy (as a Intro)
2.- From Out To Nowhere
3.- What A Day
4.- Got That Feeling
5.- Arabian Disco
6.- Kindergarten
7.- Surprise, You're Dead!
8.- As The Worm Turns
9.- Another Body Murdered (Roddy on rap vocals)
10.- Underwater Love
11.- Ricochet
12.- Zombie Eaters
13.- Malpractice
14.- Ashes To Ashes
15.- Edge Of The World
16.- Smaller and Smaller
17.- Jizzlobber
18.- We Care A Lot
19.- Anne's Song
20.- Be Aggressive
21.- Paths Of Glory
22.- Ugly In The Morning
23.- Collision
24.- Epic

25.- Greed (feat. Chuck Mosley)
26.- The Crab Song (feat. Chuck Mosley)
27.- R'n'R (feat. Chuck Mosley)

PS: Well, songs 9, 25, 26 & 27 are only a suggestion :PPS2: I hope Billy read this, I'm a huge fan of his bass technique and composition quality

Setlist by Lee

1. Absolute Zero
2. Suprise Your Dead
3. Mark Bowen
4. The Real Thing
5. Ricochet
6. Mouth To Mouth
7. Midlife Crisis into Caffeine.
8. Improv cover song of whatever they want.
9. Evidence
10. Caffeine
11. The Crab Song
12. The World is Yours
13. Ashes To Ashes
14. King For A Day
15. Epic

First encore
16. Digging The Grave / Jizzlobber medley
17. Easy

Second encore
18. Land Of Sunshine

March 24, 2009

Setlist by Kevinpalooza

Great idea! I became a huge fan post breakup and it really is awesome that I'll fulfill my goal (pending an announcement of a North American tour) of seeing FNM in concert.Here's my list:

1. Land of Sunshine
2. Ricochet
3. Smaller and Smaller
4. Anne's Song
5. RV
6. Ashes to Ashes
7. Falling To Pieces
8. The Real Thing
9. Everything's Ruined
10. We Care A Lot
11. King For A Day
12. Just A Man
13. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
14. Be Aggressive
15. Helpless

Encore 1
1. Midlife Crisis
2. Digging The Grave

Encore 2
1. Stripsearch
2. Epic
3. A Small Victory

Setlist by Ricardo

1 Caffeine
2 As The Worm Turns
3 Digging the Grave
4 The Crab Song
5 Smaller and Smaller
6 Zombie Eaters
7 Helpless
8 Cuckoo for Caca
9 Midlife Crisis
10 Ricochet
11 Why Do you Bother
12 The Real Thing
13 Faster Disco
14 Stripsearch
15 Ashes to Ashes
16 The World is Yours
17 King for a Day
18 Small Victory
19 We Care a Lot

20 Epic

21 Midnight Cowboy

March 23, 2009

Setlist by Christopher

I saw them once in LA in 97-incredible! I have been lucky enough to see Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom, and Mike Patton with Zorn/Frith. FNM is my favorite as I love what Bordin, Gould, and Roddy bring to the band.

I would love two sets. with no encores as i think they are cheesy and always done

Midlife Crisis
Digging the grave
Be Aggressive
A Small Victory
Ashes to Ashes
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine

We Care A lot
Introduce Yourself
King for a day
Everythings Ruined
Surprise! You're dead!
Last Cup of Sorrow
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Midnight Cowboy
Falling to Pieces
Goodbye Goodbye(oingo boingo)

So many great songs that I left off......this is more hits oriented. would love to hear rarities as well!


Setlist by Jawsh

I noticed that many of glorious sets listed on your page were amazingly lengthy. I'll make mine lengthy as well. The more FNM the better, I say! Which to me would mean cutting the covers in favor of Faith No More songs. They can do bits of covers in between songs, I suppose. Honestly, I don't think you could come up with a bad setlist for this band. However, here would be my absolute dream setlist:

1. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
2. Surprise You're Dead
3. Caffiene
4. Ashes to Ashes
5. Everything's Ruined
6. Be Aggressive
7. From Out of Nowhere
8. Midlife Crisis
9. Digging the Grave
10. Anne's Song
11. The Perfect Crime
12. Jizzlobber
13. Falling to Pieces
14. Small Victory
15. Just A Man
1st Encore:
16. We Care A Lot
17. Last Cup of Sorrow
2nd Encore:
19. Epic

March 22, 2009

Setlist by Marcelo

1 - The Real Thing ('I know the feeling, it is the real thing?" it would be perfect to start the concert, don't you think?)
2 - Falling To Pieces
3 - Caffeine
4 - Ricochet
5 - Got That Feeling
6 - A Small Victory
7 - Jizzlobber
8 - She Loves Me Not
9 - We Care a Lot
10 - Take This Bottle
11 - From Out of Nowhere
12 - Epic
13 - Falling To Pieces
(The best triad ever)
14 - Evidence
15 - Some song from a "singer" like Britney Spears
16 - The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
17 - Midlife Crisis
18 - Ashes To Ashes
19 - Edge of the World
20 - Be Aggressive
21 - Just a Man

Setlist by Tyrone

Haven’t the pleasure of seeing FNM live. Fan since 1987, put a lot of miles on my skate listening to from Introduce yourself onward… Saw respective members side projects live, just to have a taste, none could touch the stamina and drama of FNM.

1. Death March

2. Got That Feeling

3. Jizzlobber

4. Last Cup Of Sorrow

5. Evidence

6. Ashes To Ashes

7. Caffeine

8. As The Worm Turns

9. Epic

10. Malpractice

11. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

12. Crack Hitler

13. Be Aggressive

14. Just A Man

15. Get Out

16. Digging The Grave

17. Stripsearch

18. Ricochet

19. Easy

20. The Real Thing


21. This Guy's In Love With You

22. King For A Day

23. Back For Good (Take That cover)


March 21, 2009


According to Billy Gould's twitter the band has a list of over 48 songs they're going through...tell us in the comments what you prefer - a tight setlist, consistent throughout the tour, or a varying one that'll radically change each show?

Setlist by Tonio

Hi, I'm Tonio from France. I was lucky enough to see the band six times on stage (1995 & 1997).
Here's my "dream" setlist (actually any setlist with of LOT of rare songs will make it, guys!!!) :
1) Surprise ! You're dead
2) Smaller and smaller
3) Evidence
4) The real thing
5) Easy
6) Caffeine
7) Last cup of sorrow
8) Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)
9) medley R'n'R / Arabian Disco / Introduce Yourself / We Care A Lot
10) Stripsearch
11) Land of sunshine
12) Ricochet
13) Epic
14) Take this bottle
15) Underwater love
16) From out of nowhere
17) Got that feeling
18) Just a man
19) Midnight cowboy
20) Edge of the world

Setlist by Ben

I'm not going to spout off an 18 song setlist, that's just unreasonable and unrealistic. The main emphasis on this entire set is MOUTH TO MOUTH! That song has so much energy and punch to it, and is really not that difficult of a song for the guys to rehearse a couple times and rip the hell out of.

As the Worm Turns
Midlife Crisis
We Care A Lot
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Crack Hitler
Smaller and Smaller
Caralho Voador
Last Cup of Sorrow
Surprise Your Dead
Got That Feeling
Introduce Yourself

March 20, 2009

Setlist by Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News' Red Eye

Greg Gutfeld hosts Red Eye on Fox "News" and lovingly talked about the reunion with Mark Prindle when he was a guest on show on March 7 2009.

From out of Nowhere
falling to pieces
Get Out
surprise! You're dead
underwater love
land of sunshine
midlife crisis
the gentle art of making enemies
naked in front of the computer
just a man
edge of the world

Surprise last encore:
We Care A lot

Just after the 3 minute mark, Gutfeld and Prindle burst with excitement over the Faith No More reunion

Setlist by Robert

I've been a huge FNM fan since I saw the Epic video when I was 10 years old. They were the first live band I ever saw (opening for Metallica and GNR at RFK stadium), and only saw them once more on the final tour. I am thrilled to finally have an opportunity to see them in concert again and plan on making it to Europe this summer for a trio of shows! Without further ado...
1. Collision
2. Introduce Yourself
3. Mouth to Mouth
4. Edge of the World
5. As the Worm Turns
6. Underwater Love
7. Absolute Zero
8. Kindergarten
9. Be Aggressive
10. Falling to Pieces
11. Got That Feeling
12. The Crab Song
13. Take This Bottle
14. Why Do You Bother
15. Surprise! You're Dead!
16. Stripsearch
17. Helpless
18. Everything's Ruined
19. Crack Hitler
20. Just A Man
Encore! S'il vous plait.
21. I Started a Joke
22. Malpractice
23. Pristina
Encore 2
24. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
25. Jizzlobber
Also, while I'm dreaming, I'd like them to mix in 2 new cuts and a cover of some lame pop song!

March 19, 2009

Setlist by Peter

Hi there, here's my contribution:

We Care A Lot
Digging the Grave
Mouth to Mouth
Land of Sunshine
From Out of Nowhere
Anne's Song
The Perfect Crime
As the Worm Turns
Introduce Yourself
A Small Victory
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies


Everything's Ruined
Midlife Crisis
Just A Man (along with a choir made up of fnm-related people :)

Setlist by Mister the Guanoman

So it's happening again...if all goes well, I'll be seeing FNM for the sixth time this year. Of the previous five times, he first was in 1992 at Sheffield Arena, the last in 1998 at Brixton Academy. Some of the greatest times of my life.

Must admit, I have mixed feelings about the reunion. But the following setlist would make me mucho happy:

the world is yours
land of sunshine
the crab song
surprise! you're dead!
I won't forget you
cuckoo for caca
mouth to mouth
king for a day
mark bowen
ashes to ashes
the real thing

encore 1

from out of nowhere
just a man

encore 2

faster disco

March 18, 2009

Setlist by Chris

I have been a FNM fan since 1989 when I was 10 years old.

I was a punky skateboarder kid and was worshipping the Chili Peppers 'Uplift Mofo Party Plan' album and heard from someone that this band Faith No More opened for the Peppers in 1987 which made me curious. Also I remember watching Axl Rose of all people kissing FNM's ass on MTV so I decided to buy 'The Real Thing' which had come out a few months earlier....

1989 saw a lot of great albums released. Nirvana put out 'Bleach' and Nine Inch Nails put out 'Pretty Hate Machine' and of course "The Real Thing' was released. After listening to track 1 'from out of nowhere' i was HOOKED...

1. Gentle Art of Making Enemies (great set opener)
2. Caffeine
3. Midlife Crisis
4. Zombie Eaters (a MUST)
5. The Crab Song
6. Chinese Arithmetic
7. Falling To Pieces
8. Mouth To Mouth
9. We Care A Lot
10. Kindergarten
11. Edge Of The World
12. Everything's Ruined
13. Epic
(This 3 song block can give Patton the chance to scream his head off, do his improv stuff etc)
14. Ugly In The Morning
15. Jizzlobber
16. Cuckoo For Caca
17. Introduce Yourself
18. The Real Thing
19. The Morning After (has not been played since 1990)
20. Be Aggressive
21. Why Do You Bother?
22. Land Of Sunshine
23. Get Out
24. From Out Of Nowhere (A MUST)

my fav tv performance is this performance on The Word in November 1992. Nirvana had an infamous performance on The Word a year earlier and this performance by FNM is even more legendary. Billy is totally into it and as usual for the AD tour, big Jim seems in another world. Patton has a lot of fun with the crowd as well.

March 16, 2009

Setlist by Antti

My name is Antti, known in FNM trading circles as Birthdaypony. I am one of many Finnish Faith No More fans. This reunion is a dream come true! I hope you see that you had special magic with your music. Your songs have not gotten old at all. And Billy, Puffy and Roddy, I know you still have the songs in you. Don´t give up on FNM so easily this time, the world is full of talented singers and guitar players who´ll be more than honored to work with you. Keep on going my man...

Now for my setlist:

From Out Of Nowhere
- (with the spotlight on Roddy during the piano outro
Billy and Jon can change instruments)
Ashes To Ashes
A Small Victory
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Last Cup Of Sorrow
- (Patton would help Roddy with some samples with his own keyboard
+ possibilities for some sick noisy jammin´!)
Star AD
- (either FNM´s own or a local brass-section would help with this
OR the brass could be sampled and Patton would help also
with this)
Everything´s Ruined
Digging The Grave
We Care A Lot
Land Of Sunshine
As The Worm Turns

Thank you!

My FNM tradelist can be found here:

in this live performance of Be Aggressive Roddy wears amazingly sexy pair of sunglasses:

March 15, 2009

Setlist by Patricio

Just a couple of notes first:

we're gonna have a sum-up post with some statistics in a few days, so stay tuned for that.

please keep the playlists to about 21 songs.

feel free to add any fnm related stories, and of course favorite videos, to your emails. our email is fnmlive 'at' gmail. com.

and, please be patient as we have gotten a lot of playlists and we can't, and don't want to, upload them all at once.

on to Patricio!

Hey guys, is a real pleasure meet some others fans across the world who has the same pasion for the best music ever, im an Argentine fan of FNM since I remember so here is my Fantasy Setlist. Now I really hope that FNM came to my country and will be a dream come true! Guys you rule!

My suggestion for the tour name: "The Last to Know World Tour"

As the Worm Turns
Chinese Arithmetic
Land of sunshine
A small victory
The Real Thing & Underwater Love
Falling to pieces
Zombie Eaters
16 Tons & Let's Lynch the Landlord
Get Out
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
I Started a Joke
Last Cup of Sorrow

Sweet Dreams & Surprise! You're Dead!
Mark Bowen
I wont forget you
The World Is Yours
From Out of Nowhere

March 14, 2009

Setlist by Prankette


I'm a FNM fan in Japan. Fortunately, I could get a chance to see the performance by Faith No More (in 1997). I still remember that show - sometimes ugly, sometimes weird, but...all in all, their performance was incredibly BEAUTIFUL.

I'm really glad to hear the news of their comeback, and I know they are not going to come far east, But that's OK because Faith No More had come to Japan many times, so my turn comes.
I'm ready to go to Europe to see their show again, and I'll be wearing "Faith No More/Australiasian Tour 1997" shirt! (I still have this one!).

1.Midnight Cowboy
3.Midlife Crisis
5.Last Cup of Sorrow
6.Gentle Art of Making Enemies
7.Be Aggressive
8.Mouth to Mouth
11.Cuckoo for Caca
12.Introduce Yourself
13.Everything's Ruined
14.Caralho Voador
15.King for a Day
17.Ashes to Ashes
18.From out of Nowhere

First Encore:
1.Star A.D.(they didn't play this on stage, but a weird & good song indeed)
2.A Small Victory (because this one has some "Japanese" taste)

Second Encore:
1.This Guy's in Love with You (Burt Bacharach)

March 13, 2009

Setlist by Daniel

I am a fan since 98 and never saw them alive, just in vhs/dvd or internet. I am from Brazil and hope to see them playing here. I would like to listen some of songs them never played live and the classics, becouse classics never dies!

1 - Caffeine
2 - Ricochet
3 - Digging the Grave
4 - Be Aggressive
5 - Cuckoo For Caca
6 - Surprise! You're Dead!
7 - Mouth to Mouth
8 - Collision
9 - Got That Feeling

[Now the slow part]

10 - I Started a Joke
11 - The Last to Know
12 - Take this Bottle
13 - Easy
14 - Evidence
15 - Edge Of The World

[The classics part]

16 - Midlife Crisis
17 - Introduce Yourself
18 - We Care a Lot
19 - Falling To Pieces
20 - A Small Victory
21 - From Out Of Nowhere
22 -Epic

A great tune!

Setlist by Steve

(Apparently, FNM are gracing magazine covers again!)

1. Be agressive
2. a small victory
3. hippie jam song
4. Easy
5. the gentle art of making enemies
6. Stripsearch
7. we care a lot

8 throw in a new song

9. epic
10. got that feeling
11. just a man
12. ugly in the morning
13. war pigs
14.arabian disco
16.zombie eaters
17.crack hitler
18. take this bottle
19.home sick home

20. throw in a new song

21. evidence
22. malpractice
23. falling to pieces
24. woodpecker from mars
25. midlife crisis
26. king for a day

no encores, no long breaks, just one long hard ride!

(here's a question for you to pick on in the comments: do you think FNM will do any new songs on the tour? how would you accept them if they did? and what about, let's say, Peeping Tom or Tomahawk songs? Would you like that?)

Setlist by Vanmosa

I'm 37 and live in the Netherlands. Between 1988 and 1998 I saw the band 7 times. Their music always stayed with me. Anything you can think of, I did it listening to Faith No More's music in the background (yes, anything).

For the upcoming summer reunion I'd love to see a 2 hours show (so get in shape both band and crowd). Also 2 songs on audiotape when the band gets on/off stage and a bonus/surprise song somewhere in the middle of the setlist. Some stupid song in the higher regions of today's hitlists.

Woodpecker from Mars (on audiotape)
Band gets on stage. Crowd gets crazy.

1. From out of nowhere
2. Get out
3. Chinese arithmetic
4. The crab song
5. We care a lot
6. Falling to pieces
7. Surprise! you're dead
8. The gentle art of making enemies
9. Digging the grave
10. Ugly in the morning
11. Got that feeling
12. Ricochet
13. Ashes to ashes
14. Everything's ruined
15. Kindergarten
16. Caffeine
17. Midlife crisis
18. Epic
19. The real thing
20. Smaller and smaller
21. A small victory

1st Encore:
22. RV
23. King for a day
24. What a day
25. Edge of the world
26. Last cup of sorrow
27. Take this bottle

2nd Encore:
28. Jizzlobber
29. Be Aggressive

Midnight Cowboy (on audiotape)
Band gets off the stage, high on adrenaline. Crowd worn out and done.

Epic performed live @ PARKPOP (Holland) on june 24th 1990 uploaded by justhesame.

Bad quality as it is ripped from a video, but a real treasure as it the only youtube video on FNM at Parkpop.

March 12, 2009

Setlist by Matt

Before moving on to Matt's setlist, take a look at this - Billy Gould put up this link on his twitter: apparently the announcement regarding FNM headlining the Download festival generated the most traffic on the festivals website...ever! That's pretty awesome, and shows just how excited people are about the FNM reunion.

And now on to Matt's setlist:

Never in a million years did I think this would happen...After reading Billy's statement, I think the band is doing this for the right reasons....
I have had a chance to see FNM 3 times...once in 1992 (My first concert ever) once in 95, and once in 97. Faith No More always challenged (and sometimes pissed off) their fans...that is a GOOD thing...too many bands pander to the masses...I think they should open with Epic to get it out of the way, and then play a bunch of never played/rarely played tracks, with some favorites mixed in...Above all, I think they should play songs that THEY enjoy...that will give the show the best energy.

Smaller & Smaller
Absolute Zero
Mouth To Mouth
She Loves Me Not
The Last To Know
Mark Bowen
The Crab Song
Zombie Eaters
Midlife Crisis
The Morning After
Why Do You Bother?
Star AD
A Small Victory

(encore 1)

From Out Of Nowhere
The Real Thing
R n' R
Land of Sunshine
As The Worm Turns

(encore 2)

New Cover Song
Midnight Cowboy

Check out the long box CD case! :-)

Keep 'em coming!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their lists! We have a bunch waiting to be put up, but we are spreading them out, so if you sent one in, it will appear in due course. Since we have so many, we will eventually compile a list of the 21 most popular songs as a sort of master setlist based on our votes. Stay tuned.

If you found your way here by means other than Bill Gould's Twitter post from March 11, you might want to have a look as it appears the band is looking in on our blog and may use the information!

Lastly, while these are dream setlists, try to keep them a reasonable length otherwise we could just list every album start to finish and be done with it. The confines of the setlist is what makes this fun and challenging. I left out so many songs I'd love to hear so it's only fair you should too!

Setlist by Matt

I've been an FNM fan for around 18 years and mananged to see them 10 times throughout the 90s, including some overseas festivals. I was in Metal Hammer magazine 11 years ago as the 'FNM Superfan' and have been trading Patton related DVDs and CDs for a good 15 years now.

Looking forward to the Download Festival so much, and thought I'd submit my fantasy setlist.

(Intro) Midnight Cowboy.
1. Ricochet.
2. Land Of Sunshine.
3. From Out Of Nowhere.
4. Stripsearch.
5. Midlife Crisis.
6. RV.
7. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
8. Be Aggressive.
9. Cuckoo For Caca.
10. King For A Day.
11. Ashes to Ahes.
12. Digging The Grave.
13. We Care A Lot.
14. Jizzlobber.
15. Why Do you Bother?
16. Epic.


17. Caffeine.
18. I Started A Joke.
19. Just A Man

Bad quality yes, but it adds something to it I think. This was FNMs last performance with Big Jim... and the whole set was FNM at their brutal best. Patton is just on another planet during this performance.

(Thanks, Matt!)

Setlist by Damian

Just a couple of notes:

Roddy Bottum now also has a twitter.

We'd be happy if you added a link to an FNM live clip/interview/whatever you want on your setlist, so please feel free to add them (but no more requests for the Everything's Ruined performance on The Word with Billy Gould in a bee suite :)).

Our e-mail is fnmlive 'at'

On to business: here's a setlist by Damian, who's from New Zealand! We're really excited about the international feedback we're getting.

I was lucky enough to meet FNM in 1993 in Auckland, NZ at an in-store signing - and been a huge fan/live concert collector/trader ever since! Have seen them live twice, and am so happy they are getting together again for a European tour. I just hope it lasts a decent amount of time!

My dream set list would be:

1. Smaller and smaller
2. Underwater love
3. The Cowboy song
4. She loves me not
5. Malpractice
6. Cuckoo For Caca
7. Edge Of The World
8. Crack Hitler
9. Jizzlobber
10. Zombie Eaters
11. The Real Thing
12. I started a joke
13. Anne's Song
14. Everything's Ruined
15. Ugly In The Morning
16. I Wanna Fuck Myself
17. As The Worm Turns
18. Helpless
19. Let's Lynch The Landlord
20. Das Schutzenfest
21. Stripsearch
22. A Small Victory
23. Hippie jam song
24. Greenfields


Setlist by Ben

Great idea! Like a few chaps who've already posted I was only young when FNM ended (I'm only 19 now) so was gutted that I'd never get to see them live when I really got into them a few years later, but now - never been so excited for a gig! In my ideal world, this is what I'd love them to play!

1. Ricochet
2. I Won't Forget You
3. Land of Sunshine
4. The Big Kahuna
5. Take This Bottle
6. Stripsearch
7. Midlife Crisis
8. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
9. Evidence
10. Greenfields
11. What A Day
12. Helpless
13. Ugly In The Morning
14. Last Cup of Sorrow
15. Surprise! You're Dead!
16. The Cowboy Song


17. Cuckoo For Caca
18. King For A Day
19. Just A Man

March 11, 2009

Setlist by Zeke

All albums are represented. Main focus on Patton albums. All my favorite B-sides, collaborations, covers & soundtrack songs.
Their last US tour was 1997, so this is 12 years of frustration in the making.
It would need to be a long set, with many never before played-live songs. Some Svengali showed up with TWO briefcases full of money, so I believe FNM needs to earn it. The fans have.

1. Epic - The Real Thing (get it out of the way)
2. Smaller And Smaller - Angel Dust
3. The Crab Song - Introduce Yourself
4. What A Day - King For A Day...
5. Stripsearch - Album Of The Year
6. The Perfect Crime - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack
7. I Wanna Fuck Myself - Evidence single B-side UK, (GG Allin cover)
8. Underwater Love - The Real Thing
9. A Small Victory - Angel Dust
10. As The Worm Turns - We Care A Lot / Angel Dust (UK Patton vocals)
11. Take This Bottle - King For A Day...
12. Ashes To Ashes - Album Of The Year
13. Light Up And Let's Go - Last Cup Of Sorrow single B-side Japan
14. Spanish Eyes - Evidence single B-side UK, (Al Martino cover)
15. Zombie Eaters - The Real Thing
16. Caffeine - Angel Dust
17. Another Body Murdered - Judgement Night Soundtrack (Boo-Yaa Tribe collaboration, find someone to rap)
18. Digging The Grave - King For A Day...

19. Big Kahuna - Last Cup Of Sorrow single B-side Japan
20. Helpless - Album Of The Year
21. Falling To Pieces - The Real Thing
22. Jizzlobber - Angel Dust
23. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies - King For A Day...
24. Highway Star - Who Cares A Lot? disk 2 (Deep Purple cover)
25. Last Cup Of Sorrow - Album Of The Year

26. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Sparks collaboration)
27. Something For The Girl With Everything (Sparks collaboration)
28. Das Schutzenfest - Songs To Make Love To (YES in German)
29. Nestles Theme - (the song from the 90's commercial)
30. Evidence - King For A Day... (Spanish version)
31. She Loves Me Not - Album Of The Year
32. War Pigs - The Real Thing (Black Sabbath cover)

March 10, 2009

Setlist by Douglas R. Esper

(First of all, we were really happy to be featured on Billy Gould's Twitter! This means we got loads of setlists now, so that's good, but please be patient until yours is up)

Here's a setlist sent to us by Douglas R. Esper, who recentley conducted an interview with Chuck Mosley!

As a fan of the band since 1990, I was able to see them 5 times: Once in 1995 and 4 times in 1997. Also living in Cleveland, Ohio, I have struck up a friendship with Chuck Mosley, the old singer, which is cool.
Here is a set list I would love to see. Alot of these songs made the list because I never saw them live and want to. Obviously I would love to see a few new songs in the mix as well!
The other question Ihave is who do we want to see open for Faith No More? I think that is an important question as well. Who do you want?

1. midnight cowboy
2. land of sunshine
3. faster disco
4. last cup of sorrow
5. the real thing
6. evidence
7. stripsearch
8. what a day
9. the world is yours
10. digging the grave
11. smaller and smaller
12. absolute zero
13. gentle art of making enemies
14. a new song (a man can dream right?)
15. underwater love
16. random classic faith no more cover...what have they listened to for 11 years?
17. Chinese arithmetic
18. naked in front of the computer
19. the crab song
20. everything is ruined
21. just a man

encore one:
22. why do you bother (chuck mosley on vocals)
23. as the worm turns (chuck mosley on vocals)

encore two:
24. we care a lot (both vocalists?)
25. king for a day

March 8, 2009

Setlist by Alex

I'm 34 and saw the band countless times, from the glory days in '92 to the dismal end in '97. Even if this reformation is purely financially based, I assume the band are going to embrace it for all its worth and have a good time. The one thing that is great about this is that there’s no product to flog, hence no need to appeal to any casual fans. This is a completely selfish dream setlist. It’s what I want to hear and I think these are the songs the band would get a kick out of playing. It’s about 1hr 40m.

(The first three songs are an assault, no breaks, no talking)

1. Caffeine
2. Ricochet
3. From Out Of Nowhere

(Band say something stupid, crowd goes wild)

4. As The Worm Turns
5. The Real Thing
6. King For A Day
7. Cuckoo For Caca
8. Chinese Arithmetic
9. The Crab Song
10. Land Of Sunshine
11. Edge Of The World
12. Digging The Grave
13. Crack Hitler
14. Evidence
15. Malpractice
16. Jizzlobber
17. Mark Bowen
18. What A Day
19. Be Aggressive

1st Encore
20. Zombie Eaters

2nd Encore
21. Why Do You Bother
22. Just a Man

As the elated crowd go home, each and every one of them is met at the exit by Jim Martin, who gives everybody a piece of pumpkin pie.

Seeing this was really exciting back in '91. It was on TV here in the UK late at night, and this was the mysterious transitional period between The Real Thing and Angel Dust. Me and my friend were up late watching it, and not only did Patton slay the song like a man possessed, but he had a pretty awesome new haircut (this was the era of Bill and Ted... we didn't know better). More than anything else though, this was an age before the internet, when you'd have to hunt for any news or footage about your favourite bands, and seeing something like this on TV, live from Rio, at god knows what time of night, was joyous.

March 7, 2009

Setlist by Lord Ohtu

Here's a dream setlist sent to us by Lord Ohtu, a devoted FNM fan with an impressive trading list!

1. Midnight Cowboy
2. Ricochet
3. Midlife Crisis
4. Be Aggressive
5. Surprise! You're Dead!
6. Easy
7. Evidence (in Spanish)
8. Malpractice
9. The Real Thing
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. The Jungle
12. R n' R
13. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
14. Woodpecker from Mars
15. Pristina
16. Jizzlobber

Encore 1:
17. Zombie Eaters
18. Just a Man

Encore 2:
19. Mark Bowen
20. Chinese Arithmetic
21. Epic

Thank you, Lord Ohtu!

We've got more setlists coming up, but please keep sending us your fantasy setlists via our e-mail!

March 5, 2009

Setlist by Irra

Irra is an 18 year old FNM fan, who started listening to them when he was 10, which means he got to know them well after they called it quits. Now, Ira is one of the happiest people on earth! Oh, joy! He was kind enough to send us his fantasy setlist and his favorite live clip, here's what Irra had to say:

Call me corny, but that's just the best way to do this:

1. Ricochet
2. Collision
3. Caffeine
4. Introduce Yourself
5. Surprise! You're Dead!
6. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
7. RV
8. Evidence
9. Get Out
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. Easy
12. What a Day
13. Midlife Crisis
14. Be Aggressive
15. The Last to Know

1st Encore
16. Star A.D. (with a big ass brass section)
17. Take this Bottle
18. King for a Day

2nd Encore
19. Digging the Grave
20. Stripsearch
21. Just a Man

For me, this live clip of FNM playing Portishead's Glory Box in Chile, 1995, while Patton spits his beer on the crowd, is a true classic:

March 4, 2009

Setlist by Mark Prindle

Mark Prindle of the much loved site, Mark's Record Reviews has been so kind as to provide us with his dream Faith No More setlist, with bold inclusions such as Let's Lynch The Landlord and Das Schutzenfest! All artists reviewed on Mark's site have their entire catalgoue reviewed (and sometimes just mentioned amidst an unrelated rant) and Faith No More are among them. Here's a direct link to Mark's FNM reviews.

1. From Out Of Nowhere
2. The Jungle
3. Anne's Song
4. Everything's Ruined
5. Ugly In The Morning
6. Naked In Front Of The Computer
7. I Wanna Fuck Myself
8. As The Worm Turns
9. We Care A Lot
10. Falling To Pieces
11. Midlife Crisis
12. Take This Bottle
13. Pristina
14. Let's Lynch The Landlord
15. Mark Bowen
16. Faster Disco
17. Malpractice
18. Ricochet

19. Das Schutzenfest
20. Stripsearch
21. Epic

Setlist by Omri

So, I've been a fan since I was 10 and first saw Midlife Crisis on MTV Europe, when Angel Dust just came out. I was fortunate enough to see FNM live in 1995 and 1997, and thought I'd never get to see them again. This reunion caught me totally off-guard, and it made me so happy, I never thought something like this could get me so excited.

I chose to come up with a realistic setlist, one which pays tribute to past setlists, contains all the big hits and a few thrown in personal favorites. I'll probably come up with a truly fantasy setlist later on.

1. Midnight Cowboy
2. Epic
3. Collision
4. Ricochet
5. Caffeine
6. Introduce Yourself
7. Land Of Sunshine
8. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
9. Evidence
10. Easy
11. Edge Of The World
12. Death March
13. What A Day
14. We Care A Lot
15. Just A Man

1st encore
16. Ashes To Ashes
17. Digging The Grave
18. Stripsearch

2nd encore
19. King For A Day
20. A Small Victory
21. Jizzlobber

Setlist by Simone

I, Simone, aka 'Meeshka' in the interweb fan circles, have been into Faith No More since 1990 when I was 12. I saw them live 9 times from the King For A Day period onward and could easily go for 9 more.

1. Land Of Sunshine
2. Surprise! You're Dead!
3. Ashes To Ashes
4. The World Is Yours
5. Zombie Eaters
6. The Crab Song
7. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
8. Underwater Love
9. Everything's Ruined
10. The Jungle
11. Digging The Grave
12. Cuckoo For Caca
13. Be Aggressive
14. Stripsearch
15. Jizzlobber
16. Just A Man

1st Encore
17. Caffeine
18. Edge Of The World
19. King For A Day

2nd Encore
20. As The Worm Turns
21. Midlife Crisis

What I would give to see 'Underwater Love' live!