March 22, 2009

Setlist by Tyrone

Haven’t the pleasure of seeing FNM live. Fan since 1987, put a lot of miles on my skate listening to from Introduce yourself onward… Saw respective members side projects live, just to have a taste, none could touch the stamina and drama of FNM.

1. Death March

2. Got That Feeling

3. Jizzlobber

4. Last Cup Of Sorrow

5. Evidence

6. Ashes To Ashes

7. Caffeine

8. As The Worm Turns

9. Epic

10. Malpractice

11. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

12. Crack Hitler

13. Be Aggressive

14. Just A Man

15. Get Out

16. Digging The Grave

17. Stripsearch

18. Ricochet

19. Easy

20. The Real Thing


21. This Guy's In Love With You

22. King For A Day

23. Back For Good (Take That cover)


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