March 12, 2009

Keep 'em coming!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their lists! We have a bunch waiting to be put up, but we are spreading them out, so if you sent one in, it will appear in due course. Since we have so many, we will eventually compile a list of the 21 most popular songs as a sort of master setlist based on our votes. Stay tuned.

If you found your way here by means other than Bill Gould's Twitter post from March 11, you might want to have a look as it appears the band is looking in on our blog and may use the information!

Lastly, while these are dream setlists, try to keep them a reasonable length otherwise we could just list every album start to finish and be done with it. The confines of the setlist is what makes this fun and challenging. I left out so many songs I'd love to hear so it's only fair you should too!

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