March 10, 2009

Setlist by Douglas R. Esper

(First of all, we were really happy to be featured on Billy Gould's Twitter! This means we got loads of setlists now, so that's good, but please be patient until yours is up)

Here's a setlist sent to us by Douglas R. Esper, who recentley conducted an interview with Chuck Mosley!

As a fan of the band since 1990, I was able to see them 5 times: Once in 1995 and 4 times in 1997. Also living in Cleveland, Ohio, I have struck up a friendship with Chuck Mosley, the old singer, which is cool.
Here is a set list I would love to see. Alot of these songs made the list because I never saw them live and want to. Obviously I would love to see a few new songs in the mix as well!
The other question Ihave is who do we want to see open for Faith No More? I think that is an important question as well. Who do you want?

1. midnight cowboy
2. land of sunshine
3. faster disco
4. last cup of sorrow
5. the real thing
6. evidence
7. stripsearch
8. what a day
9. the world is yours
10. digging the grave
11. smaller and smaller
12. absolute zero
13. gentle art of making enemies
14. a new song (a man can dream right?)
15. underwater love
16. random classic faith no more cover...what have they listened to for 11 years?
17. Chinese arithmetic
18. naked in front of the computer
19. the crab song
20. everything is ruined
21. just a man

encore one:
22. why do you bother (chuck mosley on vocals)
23. as the worm turns (chuck mosley on vocals)

encore two:
24. we care a lot (both vocalists?)
25. king for a day


  1. Good question regarding the warm up band...

    I guess it depends where they're touring and what kind of a show it is (Festival set or their own gig), but basically I think it would be cool if bands from Ipecac and Koolarrow could join them on tour.

    Ummm, well, my fantasy would be probably Dub Trio and Kultur Shock, but almost any other coupling could work too.

  2. Just a man would be great, dont think i've ever heard that live!

    BTW whats with those female muscular bodies? It's not even related to FNM...

  3. what's with the guy on the cover of Album of the Year? He doesn't really have anything to do with FNM, but it looks cool and aesthetic, so it's there...

    actually, all the covers of fnm albums hardly have anything to do with the actual album, most obscure one would be Video Croissant.

  4. kultur shock mightily seconded.

  5. While I agree with Omri about the cover of Video Croissant being pretty random, I'd say that in general the album artwork went a long way to represent the music (at least for the last three albums). The elegance of the 'Angel Dust' cover juxtaposed with the carnage on the back parallels how well the intricate composition and melodies are often set against a rough and hostile backdrop. The simplistic Drooker artwork for KFAD goes well with the comparitively stripped-down, basic production on the record and how the singing and performance shines through regardless. For AOTY the images of the president's funeral represent 'the death of a golden age' (, possibly suggesting that they all knew at the back of their minds that it would be their last album, or that if they carried on that things wouldn't stay the same.
    'Introduce Yourself' is...well, the paint splash represents...uh...the inherent...painty-splashiness of the...
    Okay, I'm out.
    Great blog idea, will cook up my own setlist soon. FTR I think the muscley girls are kinda fitting.

  6. a good opening band would be Imperial Teen. Why not? after all it's Roddy's band, it's accesible enough to draw a crowd, and it melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

    Dream Lineup? I'd like a generous helping of Mosley-era tunes:

    ~We Care a Lot(the album), in it's entirety.
    ~Chinese Arithmetic, The Crab Song,Introduce Yourself, Death March (the obvious choices).
    ~"Spirit" I like that song for some reason.

  7. the old classics like "Caffeine" and "We Care a Lot" would be great to hear finally(I never had a chance to see them live), but if they bust out the "Cowboy Song", I'll be set!