March 23, 2009

Setlist by Jawsh

I noticed that many of glorious sets listed on your page were amazingly lengthy. I'll make mine lengthy as well. The more FNM the better, I say! Which to me would mean cutting the covers in favor of Faith No More songs. They can do bits of covers in between songs, I suppose. Honestly, I don't think you could come up with a bad setlist for this band. However, here would be my absolute dream setlist:

1. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
2. Surprise You're Dead
3. Caffiene
4. Ashes to Ashes
5. Everything's Ruined
6. Be Aggressive
7. From Out of Nowhere
8. Midlife Crisis
9. Digging the Grave
10. Anne's Song
11. The Perfect Crime
12. Jizzlobber
13. Falling to Pieces
14. Small Victory
15. Just A Man
1st Encore:
16. We Care A Lot
17. Last Cup of Sorrow
2nd Encore:
19. Epic

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