March 28, 2009

Setlist by Jorgen

So, I got to know Faith no more because I always used to tape this radioshow with live music on dutch radio (called Leidsekade Live). It was 1997, and I remember exactly what the guy on the radio said before and after the show, because I listened to that tape everyday. Unfortunately, I was only 14 then, and not allowed to go to gigs yet. And as we all know, the next year they split up. You can imagine my surprise and absolute elation at the reunion. So my dream setlist is the setlist of the show on the tape, the 30th of april, 1997 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. By the way, you can find the FM broadcast of this show as a bootleg (and I suggest you do, it's good!).
We care a lot
The gentle art of making enemies ("Ok team, ten fortyseven... ready set hike!")
Last cup of sorrow
Caffeine (the extended version, you know with the bassline) Mike introduced this "Old song. Eight point five procent alcohol."
That was it, just over 30 minutes of bliss. However, only 30 minutes of my favourite band ever is not enough so here's some more songs I'd love to hear.
Ashes to ashes
Zombie eaters
The world is yours
Smaller and smaller
Everything's ruined
The crab song
A small victory
Edge of the world
I won't forget you

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  1. I have this show on tape! What a great set this was...some classic Patton one-liners, too!