March 12, 2009

Setlist by Damian

Just a couple of notes:

Roddy Bottum now also has a twitter.

We'd be happy if you added a link to an FNM live clip/interview/whatever you want on your setlist, so please feel free to add them (but no more requests for the Everything's Ruined performance on The Word with Billy Gould in a bee suite :)).

Our e-mail is fnmlive 'at'

On to business: here's a setlist by Damian, who's from New Zealand! We're really excited about the international feedback we're getting.

I was lucky enough to meet FNM in 1993 in Auckland, NZ at an in-store signing - and been a huge fan/live concert collector/trader ever since! Have seen them live twice, and am so happy they are getting together again for a European tour. I just hope it lasts a decent amount of time!

My dream set list would be:

1. Smaller and smaller
2. Underwater love
3. The Cowboy song
4. She loves me not
5. Malpractice
6. Cuckoo For Caca
7. Edge Of The World
8. Crack Hitler
9. Jizzlobber
10. Zombie Eaters
11. The Real Thing
12. I started a joke
13. Anne's Song
14. Everything's Ruined
15. Ugly In The Morning
16. I Wanna Fuck Myself
17. As The Worm Turns
18. Helpless
19. Let's Lynch The Landlord
20. Das Schutzenfest
21. Stripsearch
22. A Small Victory
23. Hippie jam song
24. Greenfields


1 comment:

  1. "I Wont Forget you" and "The Cowboy Song" added to that list and it would be a dream live set.