March 14, 2009

Setlist by Prankette


I'm a FNM fan in Japan. Fortunately, I could get a chance to see the performance by Faith No More (in 1997). I still remember that show - sometimes ugly, sometimes weird, but...all in all, their performance was incredibly BEAUTIFUL.

I'm really glad to hear the news of their comeback, and I know they are not going to come far east, But that's OK because Faith No More had come to Japan many times, so my turn comes.
I'm ready to go to Europe to see their show again, and I'll be wearing "Faith No More/Australiasian Tour 1997" shirt! (I still have this one!).

1.Midnight Cowboy
3.Midlife Crisis
5.Last Cup of Sorrow
6.Gentle Art of Making Enemies
7.Be Aggressive
8.Mouth to Mouth
11.Cuckoo for Caca
12.Introduce Yourself
13.Everything's Ruined
14.Caralho Voador
15.King for a Day
17.Ashes to Ashes
18.From out of Nowhere

First Encore:
1.Star A.D.(they didn't play this on stage, but a weird & good song indeed)
2.A Small Victory (because this one has some "Japanese" taste)

Second Encore:
1.This Guy's in Love with You (Burt Bacharach)

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