March 13, 2009

Setlist by Vanmosa

I'm 37 and live in the Netherlands. Between 1988 and 1998 I saw the band 7 times. Their music always stayed with me. Anything you can think of, I did it listening to Faith No More's music in the background (yes, anything).

For the upcoming summer reunion I'd love to see a 2 hours show (so get in shape both band and crowd). Also 2 songs on audiotape when the band gets on/off stage and a bonus/surprise song somewhere in the middle of the setlist. Some stupid song in the higher regions of today's hitlists.

Woodpecker from Mars (on audiotape)
Band gets on stage. Crowd gets crazy.

1. From out of nowhere
2. Get out
3. Chinese arithmetic
4. The crab song
5. We care a lot
6. Falling to pieces
7. Surprise! you're dead
8. The gentle art of making enemies
9. Digging the grave
10. Ugly in the morning
11. Got that feeling
12. Ricochet
13. Ashes to ashes
14. Everything's ruined
15. Kindergarten
16. Caffeine
17. Midlife crisis
18. Epic
19. The real thing
20. Smaller and smaller
21. A small victory

1st Encore:
22. RV
23. King for a day
24. What a day
25. Edge of the world
26. Last cup of sorrow
27. Take this bottle

2nd Encore:
28. Jizzlobber
29. Be Aggressive

Midnight Cowboy (on audiotape)
Band gets off the stage, high on adrenaline. Crowd worn out and done.

Epic performed live @ PARKPOP (Holland) on june 24th 1990 uploaded by justhesame.

Bad quality as it is ripped from a video, but a real treasure as it the only youtube video on FNM at Parkpop.

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  1. your setlist is the best one! Gongratulations!!