March 12, 2009

Setlist by Matt

I've been an FNM fan for around 18 years and mananged to see them 10 times throughout the 90s, including some overseas festivals. I was in Metal Hammer magazine 11 years ago as the 'FNM Superfan' and have been trading Patton related DVDs and CDs for a good 15 years now.

Looking forward to the Download Festival so much, and thought I'd submit my fantasy setlist.

(Intro) Midnight Cowboy.
1. Ricochet.
2. Land Of Sunshine.
3. From Out Of Nowhere.
4. Stripsearch.
5. Midlife Crisis.
6. RV.
7. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
8. Be Aggressive.
9. Cuckoo For Caca.
10. King For A Day.
11. Ashes to Ahes.
12. Digging The Grave.
13. We Care A Lot.
14. Jizzlobber.
15. Why Do you Bother?
16. Epic.


17. Caffeine.
18. I Started A Joke.
19. Just A Man

Bad quality yes, but it adds something to it I think. This was FNMs last performance with Big Jim... and the whole set was FNM at their brutal best. Patton is just on another planet during this performance.

(Thanks, Matt!)

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