April 22, 2009

Setlist by Mike (not P)

I'm a 31 year old fan who's liked them since the 7th grade when all The Real Thing hooplah was happening. Angel Dust topped it in my opinion.

I only got to see them once in 1997 at a festival called Locobazooka. I was also late and am pissed at myself for trying to skip the opening crappy bands and missing part of the whole reason I bought a damn ticket.

Anyway, here's what would put me in a state of aural euphoria:

1. Absolute Zero
(I mean, come on...aside from it being one of their best songs, isn't the line "Can we begin at the end to save some time?" so freakin appropriate for this new beginning?)

2. New Beginnings
(...speaking of)

3. Stripsearch
(Their other best song of all time.)

4. What A Day
5. Ashes to Ashes
6. Everything's Ruined
(They should throw a Puffy drum solo in this song purely for how funny and out of character it would be. Maybe extend the fill right before "And he spent himself")

7. Chinese Arithmetic
8. The Real Thing
(but only if Patton uses that awesome delay pedal effect that I heard him do in this song so many times)

9. Last Cup of Sorrow
10. King For A Day
12. RnR
13. Caffeine
(This song doesn't work when Roddy's keys aren't up in the mix. I think they could have been louder on the album. So crank the keyboard!!)

14. Mouth to Mouth
15. The Jungle
16. Land of Sunshine
(I think they should do something even more different with the guitar solo than they did during their last tour.)

18. As the Worm Turns


19. Paths of Glory
(I always thought this would be a killer opener for the AOTY tour.)

20. The Perfect Crime
21. From Out of Nowhere

So yeah, I left out "We Care A Lot", "Epic", "Easy", and "Be Aggressive" on purpose. They played those songs so many times before and I think leaving them out would put a stamp on a new kind of Faith No More.

If they can do a great new cover to replace one or two of their own, that'd be cool too.

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