April 19, 2009

Setlist by Marie

I've been a fan since 1990 but never had a chance to see Faith No More live ;( but I've been luckly enough to see Mike Patton perform 13 times so far and in a couple of days it'll be 14 when I see him perform with Zu in San Francisco on March 19th.

Since so far only a couple of festival dates have been announced I'd like to see them do something a little different. Each festival do one album from start to finish plus all rare/unreleased songs and covers they did when they did the orignal tour for that album. For example the first show would be The Real Thing and they could do covers of "Sweet Dreams" (nestles chocolate commercial), "9-1-1 Is A Joke" (Public Enemy) and "The Right Stuff" (New Kids On The Block). So the setlist would look a little like this:

From Out Of Nowhere
"The Right Stuff" (New Kids On The Block).
Falling To Pieces
Surpirse! You're Dead!
"9-1-1 Is A Joke" (Public Enemy)
Zombie Eaters
The Real Thing
"The Cowboy Song",
Underwater Love
The Morning After
"The Grade"
Woodpecker From Mars
War Pigs
"The Perfect Crime
"Sweet Dreams" (nestles chocolate commercial)
Edge Of The World

Then the next show would be everything Angel Dust related and so on.......you guys get the picture. Hopefuly all these festivals get shown on tv and our european traders record it ;) If so please be sure to email me for a trade: http://db.etree.org/NINFNM

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