April 7, 2009

Setlist by Rohit from India

Hi FNM !

I am coming all the way from India, primarily for 3 bands - Slipknot, Prodigy and Faith No More !

I cried tears of joy seeing the band I was so attached to re-grouping, and I just had to fly down for Download 2009!

This would be my dream setlist :

1. Midlife Crisis
2. Smaller and smaller
3. Easy
4. The Cowboy song
5. Be Aggressive
6. Malpractice
7. Last Cup Of Sorrow
8. Evidence
9. Crack Hitler
10. Epic
11. Zombie Eaters
12. The Real Thing
13. Kindergarten
14. Everything's Ruined
15. As The Worm Turns
16. Stripsearch (A MUST PLS)
17. A Small Victory
18. Ashes to Ashes
19. Caffeine

I think I have got most of angeldust here, i remember when the album came out, i wore out the tape on repeat playing !

Cheers !

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