April 19, 2009

A suggestion by Bryce


Thanks for setting up this blog, I hope you stick with it through the entire FNM reunion... I'm 33 and saw Faith No More perform live throughout the 90s up in San Francisco. I really hope they play a tuneup gig here before embarking on their EU tour, as it's their home town and would easily sell out any number of venues. I doubt they will play a broader US tour, but expect they will perform Australia, New Zealand, parts of South America, and anywhere else they were appreciated.

I don't really have a specific fantasy setlist because I'd be happy to see them perform anything, really... I would like to see a lot of variance in their sets, so that every one is different, but I know that can be a lot of work. I do hope they add a new cover tune to their arsenal, and ultimately release a live album or DVD.

One idea that's become somewhat trendy is for artists to perform one of their classic albums in it's entirety. Like, I saw Primus do this with Frizzle Fry in 2004, Roger Waters and Dark Side Of The Moon in 2006, and even Fantomas did this for the NYE '09 SF show playing Director's Cut. FNM could brand their reunion include a complete performance of Angel Dust. Of course it makes a bit more sense if they headlined their own tour, where they could do one set of other songs, one set of Angel Dust, then encores; rather than try to squeeze it into an abbreviated festival set. This tactic might also work better in the US where KFADFFAL and Album of the Year went largely unnoticed, and less progressive fans who hear of the tour (from reading Rolling Stone) might need some help realizing FNM's place in music history. American's have largely uninspired musical tastes, and probably deserve not getting any FNM reunion dates.

San Jose, California, USA

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