April 19, 2009

Setlist by Rob

This is a fantastic idea! I'd love to contribute.

I'm in my mid-thirties now, and saw FNM on every Aussie tour (twice on Angel Dust and KFAD tours).
To my mind they'll always be the most innovative, challenging, and above all, entertaining band out there.
I can't believe this is finally happening. Stoked.
Below is probably the most realistic set list you'll get from me. A lot of the ones I've read so far are just too obscure. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of b-sides I'd love to hear, but the show can't go on forever! I've given this a lot of thought, so here goes:

1. Ugly in the Morning
2. Surprise! You're Dead!
3. Caffeine
(Band takes a breather, MikeP makes light of a catastrophe that is currently in the news headlines and offends/confuses half the audience.)
4. Stripsearch
5. Jizzlobber
6. Mark Bowen
7. Ricochet
8. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
9. Evidence
(Another break, followed by a short acoustic set:)
10. Just A Man
11. Medley: Edge of the World/RV/Take This Bottle
12. Caralho Voador
13. Midnight Cowboy (or a Burt Bacharach cover song- perhaps something from 'Painted From Memory'?)
(End of acoustic set, another break- Roddy changes hats and Billy changes basses)
14. Land Of Sunshine
15. Digging The Grave
16. Malpractice (extended, band improvises a bit)
Encore #1
17. The Crab Song
18. What A Day
Encore #2
19. Epic

Should run about 2hrs. It's long, but we've waited a long time for this. I know, there's no 'We Care A Lot'. I'm sick of it to be honest, and the band never play it with conviction. It's like how Anthrax always used to do 'I'm The Man' half-heartedly. Give it a rest. If it were a duet between Mike and Chuck that'd be worth seeing.

I'd like to add that this is the perfect time for the band to re-release/remaster their catalogue (*please*). The Real thing CD sounds like utter shite and is way overdue for a remaster (even a remix would be great). I know it's a leap, but how about releasing them on SACD? Put out You Fat Bastards with the *whole show* (unedited with no studio tracks tacked on the end). Each album could have a bonus disc of b-sides, live tracks and obscurities from the relevant era. Speaking as a fan who already owns everything, that is something I'd invest in.

Here's the video clip I chose- it's The Crab Song at Brixton with Mike singing (a track they cut from the You Fat Bastards video).

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