April 22, 2009

Some various FNM suggestions by Mike B.

First off, thanks for creating this page. I like how the FNM revival
seems to be a synergy between the band and the fans with the label
left completely out of the loop.

In terms of a set list wish list, I’m not really comfortable
submitting that. Faith No More are professional musicians, not a
jukebox. They’ve been doing this for a while…longer than some of us
have been alive, and I trust their judgment. It will be interesting to
see if they have any different takes or remixes on some of the
classics or if they will stick to the traditional interpretations of
those songs.

I did want to submit two pieces of feedback your way –

1) LOVED the fancy suit era of Faith No More towards the end of their
career. You never see that on VH1, it’s always long-hair early Mike
Patton era FNM. I loved those shows where they would all come out in
matching suits, and then by the end of the show Mike Patton’s outfit
was a mess. Check out those final moments of “just a man” at the
Phoenix festival, Patton is almost channeling Elvis and there’s that
synergy between him and Puffy. That’s a very holy and sacred bond, the
synergy between a lead singer and his drummer. Not everyone can pull
it off but when people do it can be a very beautiful experience.

My request : Please bring back the fancy suit era of Faith No More

2) I’m assuming that the “No US shows for now” approach is just a
calculating marketing move on Patton’s part to see how many more
suitcases of money will be thrown at the band to do a real US tour.
Cunning, that Faith No More. I’m a capitalist and it’s a free country
so I can completely get behind that. I was thinking that if a real US
tour does materialize down the line, who would I like to see on tour
with them? So far I’m thinking

BOO YAA Tribe – They still do music and that would make for a great
live version of Another Body Murdered. You know there’s like 3-4 best
of FNM CD compilations out there and that song isn’t on any of them,
the video isn’t even on the FNM best of DVD. Labels, man, what do they

Sade – Personally, I would love this but I fear that some of the more
bonehead members of the audience would not get it and be
disrespectful, so I’m going to keep that as a personal wish list.

Guns and Roses or RHCP – not on actual tour, lord no, but maybe
sharing the stage at a large festival show. Peace and love is nice and
all, but sometimes it’s resentment that really brings out your best
work as an artist. The sadist in me would really love to see something
like that.

Thanks for indulging me man-

Go secret San Francisco warm up show in April!

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  1. On second though, it didn’t occur to me till someone brought it up on another post, but FNM can do Another Body Murdered as a duet with anyone they want. Say next year they get invited to do the Grammies and a duet with Eminem, they already have a song in their catalog that’s built for a duet with a rap kinda guy.

    I think it’s an amazing song, something that I would have expected on a Queen record. The funny thing is that even though Mike Patton is one of the more accomplished vocalist of my generation, his lyrics consists of only 1 word in that song. Yet even with that 1 word he just dominates the song. Very creative and underrated work there ...