April 30, 2009

Setlist by Luis from Portugal

Hy guys

I´m from Portugal, and i´m very happy about this european FNM tour.

In my opinion you should do a concert without no rules, just total chaos and show how sick you guys can be, like you were all the times in my country!

Give us just a little touch of your greatest hits and fuck the audience with the most strange / heavy songs you had ever sing, and most important, enjoy the gig, do what tha fuck you guys wanna do.

I´m happy, i don´t care.


1. Midnight cowboy.
2. Malpractice.
3. Caffeine.
4. Cuckoo for caca.
5. Surprise you´re dead.
6. Crack Hitler.
7. We care a lot.
8. Midlife Crisis.
9. Stripsearch.
10. Ugly in the morning.
11. Jizzlober.
12. Epic.
13. RV.
14. Woodpecker from Mars.
15. Just a man.

Please visit Portugal, you guys rule!

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