May 1, 2009

Setlist by Diego

I Think they should change the setlist over the dates...they have too much hits, so they dont nedd to play them all in one show...
i think we van live without last cup of sorrow in exchange of some fnm jewel...
I'm from Chile, and the performance in 1991 in viña del mar it is now pop culture...
can't wait to see them coming this way...

Midnight Cowboy
The Perfect Crime (i think a song like this is way better for an opener)
Introduce Yourself
From Out To Nowhere
Be Aggressive
Falling To Pieces
The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Star AD
Underwater Love
We care a Lot / Right Stuff (A Blast From The Past)
The Cowboy Song (let's see if make patton can take it nowadays)
I Started a Joke / Back For Good
Everythings Ruined
Some Random 2009 Pop Song Cover
Get Out


Ashes To Ashes
Diggin The Grave

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