May 12, 2009

Setlist by Deano

Great to see them back. I saw FNM at Rock City in Nottingham, England, May 1992 - it was right at the beginning of their Angel Dust World tour, and it was the gig that changed my life! Deep breath...

Death March
Midlife Crisis
We Care A Lot
Land Of Sunshine
Surprise Your Dead
Digging The Grave
Ashes To Ashes
Everything's Ruined
The Real Thing
Introduce Yourself
Mark Bowen...segue into…
Why Do You Bother?
Love Machine (by Girls Aloud)
Chinese Arithmetic
Edge Of The World

Encore 1:
Easy/I Started A Joke
Zombie Eaters

Encore 2:
Last Cup of Sorrow
Woodpeckers From Mars

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