May 15, 2009

Setlist by Juha

Hi! I just choose my favourite tracks and put it on order. I wanted songs from every 6 studio albums and one B-side.
The job is so damn difficult because there are so many songs i wanted to hear but band or audience wouldn¨t take that :)
So i give my best shot.

1. From out of nowhere
2. The Jungle
3. The gentle art of making enemies
4. Midlife Crisis
5. Naked in front of the computer
6. Digging the grave
7. Evidence
8. Cuckoo for caca
9. Caralho voador
10. The Real thing
11. Chinese arithmetic
12. Mouth to mouth
13. Star A.D
14. Be aggressive
15. Malpractice
16. The Morning after

-----First encore------
Paths of glory
The Crab song
We care alot

-----Second encore----
Absolute zero
Introduce yourself
What a day

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