May 14, 2009

Setlist by Davania

This is an impossible task cuz I cant have them ALLLL!!!! Ive been a fan since around 1991 when I was about 12.Only got to see them once during the Angel Dust tour in Dublin. Ive tried to keep the list small but....By the way if you want to say hello you can find me and many more FNM fans at

Its mainly a Mike Patton forum but as you can imagine the FNM section is busy at the moment! Come and say HI!In no particular order...
1 Easy
2 Get Out
3 Ricochet
4 The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
5 Cuckoo For Caca
6 Digging the Grave
7 Take This Bottle
8 King For A Day
9 What A Day
10 Last To Know
11 Out Of Nowhere
12 Epic
13 Fallin To Pieces
14 Stripsearch
15 Helpless
16 Mouth To Mouth
17 Ashes To Ashes
18 Got That Feeling
19 Pristina
20 Caffeine
21 Midlife Crisis
22 Everythings Ruined
23 Be Aggresive
24 Small Victory
25 Jizzlobber
26 I Started A Joke
27 Last Cup Of Sorrow
28 Ugly In The Morning

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