May 29, 2009

Setlist by Don

I'm thrilled about the reunion! To the extent that I just bought a ticket to the Frankfurt solo date... and I live in Texas!! After listening to a load of bootlegs I've decided on this as the ultimate live set:

1. Introduce Yourself
2. Land of Sunshine
3. The Morning After
4. Ricochet
5. a new song!
6. Malpractice
7. Twin Peaks Theme into As The Worm Turns
8. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
9. The Cowboy Song
10. Jizzlobber
11. Helpless
12. Mouth To Mouth
13. I Started A Joke
14. Everything's Ruined
15. Mark Bowen
16.. A Small Victory
17. Collision
18. Ugly In The Morning

Excellent take on Ricochet from '95:

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