May 5, 2009

Setlist by Tomi


Few words at the start:
- hope that you will be playing in poland on your european tour.
- you wouldn't believe how many fans you got in poland.
- best wishes for reunioned FNM
That's all...

My set list:


1. From Out of Nowhere
2. A small victory
3. Star A.D.
4. Midlife crisis
5. Epic
6. Collision
7. Just a Man
8. Falling To Pieces
9. King for a day
10. Evidence
11. Easy
12. Take This Bottle
13. What a Day
14. Smaller and smaller
15. Ugly in the Morning
16. War pigs
17. Get Out
18. The last cup of sorrow
19. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
20. Ricochet

GLORY BOX (PORTISHEAD) if it's possible?
Digging the grave

See ya!

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