May 7, 2009

Setlist by Andrew

I'm going to assume I'll still never get the chance to see them live as they'd
probably steer clear of Canada besides Toronto, but a guy can dream.

1. Caffeine
2. From out of Nowhere
3. Ricochet
4. Mouth to Mouth
5. Midlife Crisis
6. Ugly in the Morning
7. We Care A lot
8. Everything's Ruined
9. Edge of the World
10. Evidence
11. Easy
12. Zombie Eaters
13. Naked in Front of the Computer
14. Land of Sunshine
15. Last Cup of Sorrow
16. I won't forget you
17. From out of Nowhere
18. A small victory
19. Some amazingly fantastic cover song we weren't expecting
20. Ashes to Ashes
21. Just A Man
22. I Started a Joke

(couldn't find any fnm footage from canada, so this is what we found for ya):

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