May 15, 2009

Setlist by Gerald

I'd obviously like to hear everything - and I'd like to hear some new stuff! But being realistic about it, I'd be over the moon with the following. Particularly to hear Epic first. We haven't heard them for 10 years. 10 long years of waiting. When they come out, they should give us what we've missed straight away, and what better way to do it than launching into Epic.

1. Epic
2. From Out of Nowhere
3. Ashes to Ashes
4. Evidence
5. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
6. Kindergarten
7. A Small Victory
8. Woodpecker from Mars
9. Ricochet
10. Last Cup of Sorrow
11. Jizzlobber
12. What a Day
13. Easy


14. Caffeine
15. Falling to Pieces

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