April 30, 2009

Setlist by Michel from Chile

Hello guys,

I´m Michel ( 33 years old ) from Chile....i´m a fan since 1991 when i saw you in Festival de Viña del Mar 1991. After that i saw you again in 1995 Monster of Rock ....was a amazing show !!!!!

I would like to know if it´s possible to come back again to Chile !!!!!!

To Billy :

A fews years ago i sent you a email to kool arrows...talking about my band " Olor a la banda " ...after that i sent you my official album to your record label address....remembered ?????


my setlist :

1- Caffeine
2- Why do you bother ??
3- Falling to Pieces
4- The Gentle art of making enemies
5- Chinese arithmetic
6- R.V
7- Mouth to Mouth
8- The Crab Song
9- Jizzlobber
10- Stripsearch
11- Arabian Disco
12- Get out
13- King for a Day
15- Midlife crisis
16- Ugly in the Morning
17 - Epic
18- We care a lot
19- Woodpecker from Mars
20- As the worm turns

Best regards,

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