June 5, 2009

Setlist by Alessandro

Hi, I'm Alessandro from Dublin (but I'm Italian). On 14th of June I'm going to go back in Italy just for the FNM concert in Milan.
The following setlist wouldn't be bad not at all, what do you think?

1. Caffeine
2. Get Out
3. Land of sunshine
4. Introduce yourself
5. Cuckoo for caca
6. The gentle art of making enemies
7. Evidence
8. Zombie eaters
9. Ricochet
10. War pigs
11. From out of nowhere
12. Midlife crisis
13 We care a lot
14. Ugly in the morning
15. Falling to pieces

First encore:
16. Epic
17. Digging the grave
18. Surprise! You're dead
19. The real thing
20. Be aggressive
21. Last cup of sorrow

Second encore:
22. Easy
23. Just a man

Here there is the gorgeous video of "Epic" (where Mike wear the Mr. Bungle t-shirt)

Faith No More - Epic from Leviatan on Vimeo.

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