June 13, 2009

Download festival, June 12th

(brought to you thanks to the folks at stubbadub):

1. Reunited
2. The Real Thing
3. from out of nowhere
4. land of sunshine
5. caffeine
6. evidence (with some spanish/portugese?)
7. Poker Face / Chinese Arithmetic
8. surprise you’re dead
9. Easy
10. last cup of sorrow
11. midlife crisis
12. Introduce Yourself
13. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
14. Take This Bottle
15. ashes to ashes
16. malpractice
17. cuckoo for caca
18. Be aggressive
19. epic
20. Mark Bowen

21. chariots of fire into stripsearch
22. we care a lot

the stubbadub people are even giving you a link to d/l the entire show!

1 comment:

  1. evidence was in portuguese, Patton just joked saying it would be in spanish... and confirmed it after saying "it´s portuguese, i was testing you"